Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cruise Ships

Offshore weekend will be busy at both the Ports of Victoria and Astoria. May is when the cruise lines reposition their ships from cruising sunny Mexico and the Carribean and head for summer cruising in Alaska. There are two cruise ships, the Norwegian Pearl and the Norwegian Sun, who will be going up the coast from Astoria to Victoria. The Norwegian Pearl will arrive in Victoria on Friday at 0800 hours and leave at 1700 hours, the Norwegian Sun arrives on Saturday at 0800 hours, leaving at 1700 hours.

There are also two ships heading to Victoria from San Diego. The Westerdam arrives on Thursday at 1700 hours and leaves at 2200 hours. The Zuiderdam arrives on Friday at 1400 hours, leaving at 2300 hours. Many racers will see these ships offshore - some may see them up close, since some of the scheduled departures are at times when racers are likely to be arriving in Victoria (the fast ones anyway).

Saturday will be a busy day at the cruise ship docks, with both ships and Offshore racers arriving. The Oosterdam arrives at 1800 and leaves at 2359, just in time for racers to be finishing.

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