Thursday, May 8, 2014

And They're Off!

The 2014 Oregon Offshore hosted by Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland is successfully underway!

At 8:10 am Thursday, May 8th, the fleet of 29 boats set off North from the mouth of the Columbia River  heading for Victoria B.C. in confused seas and heavy chop; winds at the start of the race were from the south, gusting to 20 knots at 8 am. Rain went from drizzle to pelting as the southerly front enveloped the fleet, air temperature was 51 degrees for the start of the race.

If this wind holds throughout the remainder of the day and evening, we could be in store for another record year for Oregon Offshore!

Several boats had reefed mains, with most opting for spinnakers immediately after the start.

Ocelot and Panama Red took the most offshore route at the start, while the rest of the fleet was enjoying a downwind reach allowing them to stick close to the rhumb line.

A pre-race collision between Wave Dancer and Ocelot appears to have resulted in little or no damage or injuries, however the confused sea state, winds, and anticipation of the race start were all, undoubtedly, factors in the pre-start "bump".

No whales were sighted breaching at the start of this year's race, but there were lots of crab pots near the starting area, a preliminary caution to all boats and crews to watch out for additional pots up the race course.

The Columbia River bar crossing was uneventful for most boats, many were already at the starting area near buoy #2 more than an hour before the start of the race. The sea state at the start of the race was turbulent, with a confused chop on top of a mild 3-5 foot swell challenging the racers "sea legs" early. Most of the boats left the west basin in Astoria before 5 am in anticipation of the 8 am start.

Here's wishing good luck and safe journey to all competitors in the 2014 Oregon Offshore sailing race.


Anonymous said...

Anybody know what is going on with Neptune's Car? Has not moved in over an hour (2:00 pm Thurs) and shows being overtaken by the fleet after being up front.

trevoryx said...

it looks like the tracker on the Car last updated at 11:37. those things can be glitchy sometimes. likely they're up there with the other IRC boats, we just can't see them.

Flamingo Chris said...

Car is about to pass ICON.....