Saturday, April 21, 2018

Last three entries: Raindrop, Journeyman, Wy'est

The Kick-off party on Monday was a success and we landed three additional entries for a total of 23 [participants! See entry details below

Raindrop, Cascade 36, PHRF 136
Last but not least, we have our final entry, the mighty Raindrop, Cascade 36, hailing from Portland. Skippers Joby Easton and Bill Huseby have been running a solid race program for awhile, 2008 Pac Cup, multiple Oregon Offshore races, including winning their fleet in the 2017, followed by an excellent race in the 2017 Vic Maui. Joby has put himself out there as a OOR mentor so if you are new to the race, he is a great resource.


Wy'est, Cascade 36, PHRF 141
It's official! Skipper Frank Colistro is back for even more blue water abuse. Frank has been an active member of CYC Portland for as many years as he has been racing Oregon Offshore and we are excited to support him and the Wy'East crew.

Wy'East holds the record for the boat that has participated in the most Oregon Offshore races to date.

Journeyman, Cal 40, PHRF 120
Journeyman is a 1968 Cal 40 skippered by Captain Rhys Balmer and Captain Gavin Brackett. Journeyman is the flagship of Griffin Bay Adventures, a new Sailing school located in Friday Harbor. Not only will this be Journeyman's introduction into the NW Sailing community but three students of offshore sailing will be learning dead reckoning, night sailing and big boat spinnaker handling as we sail up Washington's beautiful coastline.

Monday, April 16, 2018

20th Entry: Spar Trek, Express 27

Spar Trek is an Express 27 that was brought to the Portland area to participate in the 2017 Race to Alaska by its current owner Kris Amundson. Finishing 10th, with 90hrs of rowing involved, the boat returned to its home port to begin building a crew for the SYSCO PHRF fleet and its first Oregon Offshore race.

While this is the first year for the boat, it is not the first year for the crew. A majority of the crew are veterans of the Oregon Offshore and all are experience sailors. The crew includes delivery skippers, ski patrol volunteers, Hobie Cat racers, and sailing instructors. Their professional experience has us in the IT industry including work at the South Pole, fabricators of high-end brewing equipment, manufacturing of precision optics, and sailboat brokering.

PHRF 150

Friday, April 6, 2018

Entry: DILLIGAF, Ross 930

DILLIGAF has been owned Keith Climenhaga and raced extensively on Vancouver Island since 2003. Having done numerous Swiftsures, Southern Straits, and three VanIsle 360's, the owner started thinking that there might be some wisdom in the statement by Ted Turner: "The chance for a mistakes is about equal to the number of crew squared."

DILLIGAF embarked on a double handed sailing program and has sailed in this format for the last five Southern Straits, three Patos Island Races, and two Round Lasqueti races. Last year, Steve Dillen joined the boat and they had a remarkable year racing together which ended up starting an email thread, Explorations in Stupidity. The Oregon Offshore represents the culmination of their Explorations in Stupidity.... we trust Explorations in Insanity will follow.

Southern Straits 2017
PHRF 108

Entry: Hana Mari, Wylie 43

Hana Mari, skippered by Ged McLean, is a Wylie 43 built in Portland by our Title Sponsor, Schooner Creek Boat Works, and is now sailing out of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club in Victoria, British Columbia. Hana Mari has been actively racing in BC since 2011 and in that time she has sailed all the big long distance races multiple times including Southern Straits, Patos Island, Swiftsure, Round the County and the VanIsle 360. In 2016, after completing her second Oregon Offshore Race, Hana Mari won its division in the Swiftsure Lightship Classic. Her crew is looking forward to the adventure of the Oregon Offshore. This will be her third OOR. 


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Entry: Cool Change, C&C 38

When you're out on the sea alone
Staring at the full moon, like a lover
Time for a cool change
I know that it's time for a cool change
Now that my life is so prearranged
I know that it's time for a cool change
Well I was born in the sign of water
And it's there that I feel my best
The albatross and the whales they are my brothers
There's lots of those friendly people
And they're showing me ways to go
And I never want to lose their inspiration
Time for a cool change
I know that it's time for a cool, cool change

-Little River Band

PHRF: 144
Number of years sailing Offshore: tons
Skipper: Frank Noragon

Entry: Back Bay, Cal 39

Keepin' it going with some fresh meat, I mean, new blood. Back Bay, a Cal 39 skippered by Peter Schoenburg has decided to join us for her first ever Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race!
Back Bay's crew is a combination of San Francisco Bay, Anacortes, WA, and Vancouver, BC, area sailors with an owner from New Mexico. All are committed to having fun and sailing fast in a venerable, classic Cal 39. They have definitely put their name on the map having done races like Great Vallejo Race April 2014, Spinnaker Cup May 2014, Pacific Cup 2014 (3rd in Div.), Southern Straits Classic April 2015, Swiftsure-Cape Flattery Race 2015, Van Isle 360 2015. We are psyched to be added to this list of epic races for 2018! Back Bay will be racing in the PHRF C fleet.

Haida Gwaii 2016

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Entry: Aja, Ericson 35 Mk II

Congratulations are in order for Gearhart, OR, based skipper Rich Elstrom. This will be Rich's tenth Oregon Offshore Race! He will campaign Aja, his Ericson 35 Mk II. Aja participates in most Astoria area race series and has raced Bridge To Bridge a number of times as well (a race many of us would like to see resurrected). Aja has a PHRF handicap of 153 and will most likely race in the PHRF C class. Welcome back Rich and crew. We're hoping for best out of ten this year!

photo credit Kristin Covert 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Entry: Cantata, Ericson 38

Each year we hope to see familiar faces along with the newbies and this year we are excited to welcome back Astoria based AYC/CYC Portland members Tom Brownson and Liz Bartell yet again. Cantata, an Ericson 38,  has been a long time supporter/participant of OOR and Tom has been particularly helpful in allowing us use of the Astoria Yacht Club for skipper check-ins. After missing last year's race at the last minute due to illness, we are sure Tom et al are ready to get back out there and show us what they're working with! Hats off to Cantata and crew!

PHRF 147

Friday, March 16, 2018

Entry: Fortuna, C&C 115

First time participants just keep rollin' in! That's what we like to see. Happy to announce skipper, David De Lanoy, has entered Fortuna, a C&C 115. Fortuna and her Seattle based crew have been active in the racing scene and the Oregon Offshore is considered their key event. One of the many wins she boasts is a First in her division for the 2013 Swiftsure Cape Flattery race. Perhaps she'll sail away with another award on board?!


Entry: Taku, J/30

Yet another new participant! Hailing from Bellingham, WA, skipper Theo Singelis and crew will race Taku, his J/30. Over that past five years, they have been participating in the Pacific Northwest's longer races which include Swiftsure, Southern Straights, Race to the Straights and Round the County. Some of their best results have been Second in class in last year's Swiftsure Juan de Fuca race which they will be participating in again this year. With a handicap rating of 141, Taku will be racing in the PHRF B fleet. Welcome! We are honored to be added to such a stellar list of races.

Round the County race

Friday, March 9, 2018

A harrowing tale from Velocity crew member Dan Tedrow

It was 2017 and Dan Tedrow was crewing for Tom Keffer's J/42, Velocity. Join him on his harrowing journey of spewing chunks and sailing through squalls.... an all too familiar journey for those who have participated in Oregon Offshore!

Velocity heading into Victoria Harbor for the final stretch 

Entry: Thirsty, C&C 35 Mk III

Team Thirsty has competed in more than a dozen Oregon Offshore races, finishing third in class three times. Skipper Alan Bergen has been sailing for fifty-two years, racing for most of that time on the waters of Southern California, in Puget Sound and on the Columbia River. 2018 will be the third Oregon Offshore race for most of Thirsty's crew. Welcome back!

PHRF 132

Entry: Anam Cara, J/122

Well it looks like Anam Cara's Portland based skipper, Tom Kelly, will close the gap this year for participating in the most Oregon Offshores ever. This will be Tom's 37th year (this will be the 42nd year of the race period so this is quite the feat)! Anam Cara is no stranger to the race with a 2013 First Overall Win under her belt. She has also performed well in Swiftsure's Cape Flattery with two Overall wins and a Second Overall to boot. With a 42 PHRF handicap, Anam Cara is sure to be in the running again this year for both OOR and Swiftsure.

It should be known that around 1984 Tom previously held the elapsed time record for eleven years, achieved on Wizard a Choate 41, back when the race course headed south to Tillamook before going North. Let's see what records will be set this year!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Entry: Riva, J/46

Riva is a J46 based in Portland Oregon skippered by Scott Campbell. She has had an active racing schedule since 2003 with almost annual participation in both the Oregon Offshore and Swiftsure races. She has taken first place trophies numerous times in both races in her division and class. She is also a three time veteran of the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii in 2006, 2010, and 2016 and also the Van Isle 360 race in 2013. Riva will stay to compete in the Swiftsure Cape Flattery race.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Entry: 2017 OOR Overall Winner Free Bowl of Soup, J/105

Team Free Bowl of Soup began in 1999 with a J/24, now being campaigned by in Seattle as "Sopa Libre" by one of the team. In 2011, a 3-way partnership was formed with Eric Hopper, Matt Davis, and Doug Schenk to acquire a J/105 to continue to race Offshore races, including Pacific Cup, as well as regional One-Design races. After a great run crewing for John Hanna's Orizaba, these guys just want to keep the magic flowing. This will be the Soup's sixth Oregon Offshore, with the highlight, and honor, of the overall win in 2017! Last year happened to be the first year we ever offered a J/105 division. Will this year be the second?!

The Soup guys will also be competing in the Swiftsure Cape Flattery race this year. 

Round the County race 2016
PHRF  93

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Entry: Fortuna, C&C 115

Let's keep the new boat entries rolling in! Welcome Seattle based skipper David De Lanoy and the Fortuna crew! This C&C 115 boasts a PHRF rating of 72 and will race in the A2 Fleet. Oregon Offshore is one of their key events for the season and will be followed by Swiftsure. Their best result was a divisional win in the 2013 Swiftsure Cape Flattery race. Looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish in this race!

Entry: Salient, Beneteau First 40.7

Another first time OOR entry! We welcome skipper Christof Marti and Simply Sailing of North Vancouver, BC who will race Salient, a Beneteau 40.7, in the ORC fleet. They are an amateur racing team based in Vancouver, Canada. The story began over 10 years ago aboard Turicum with a group of enthusiastic sailors led by Warren Hale. Many of the original team joined John Mortimer on String Theory after Turicum retired from racing.

Today, almost half of the team aboard Salient started their offshore journey on Turicum. They are proud to carry the torch and want to share their story while preparing for the Vic-Maui 2018 Race. Join us on this adventure!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Entry: Souffle, Cal 34

Well well well, the Cruising Class is officially on the board. There are a few things that make us look forward to each year's race. Phil Lewis' Cal 34, Souffle, is one of them. Rarely do you find a boat with a well stocked bar and library on board racing up the coast of Washington. They may not get to Victoria first, but they'll get there in style.

Safety At Sea Seminars

Still need to obtain your Safety At Sea certification? The Bainbridge Island course is full. Check out the US Sailing site to find out which courses are still available.

SER 4.3.1

At least 30% of those aboard the boat, but not fewer than two members of the crew, unless racing single-handed, including the person in charge, shall have attended a one-day or two-day Safety at Sea Seminar within the last 5 years, or other courses as accepted by their National Authority.

Don't get caught without it!

Oregon Offshore start 2014

Entry: Rage, Wylie 70

It wouldn't be the same without the Wylie on the scene! Pittsburg based skipper David Raney is set to race Rage, Wylie 70, yet again. This year's Rage crew will include a mix of veteran Rage sailors from Portland, Seattle, Victoria, and San Francisco Bay. The Oregon Offshore is a favorite race for the Rage team and this year will also be a great tune up for Pacific Cup as well. PHRF -63

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Entry: Velocity, J/42

He's back for more punishment! Hood River based skipper, Tom Keffer, and his Velocity crew will be racing hard aboard his J/42 in the A2 class again this year. These guys know how to work the coast and straits (not to mention they are usually up for some post race shenanignas, too)! PHRF rating 72

PS Keep a lookout for a special breakdown of last year's race onboard Velocity from Dan Tedrow.

Entry: Image, Catalina 38

Love it when we get new boats! Although Seattle's Marc Klimaschewski crewed in last year's race, he is coming back this year as skipper of Image, a Catalina 38. He and his experienced crew are no strangers to racing in the Pacific Northwest with numerous Swiftsures and Van Isle 360s under their belts. They plan to participate in Swiftsure this year as well. Going to be a great addition! With both ORC and PHRF ratings, we will wait to see which class they will ultimately race.

2016 TYC Winter Vashon race

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 shirt logo designed by Eric Rouzee of Rouzee & Co

We would like to give a special Thank You to our CYC Trustee and talented graphic designer, Eric Rouzee. Eric designed his twelfth Oregon Offshore shirt this year featuring Riva, a Portland based J/46, racing past Race Rocks. Riva is owned and skippered by Scott Campbell.
Original photo credit: Sean Trew

Nice work Eric! Thank you 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Second Entry: Turnagain, Beneteau Oceanis 50

Our second official entrant, Turnagain, is a Beneteau Oceanis 50 hailing from Vancouver, BC, skippered by Travis McGregor. Welcome back for your fifth Oregon Offshore race! Turnagain will also be competing in this year's Swiftsure Cape Flattery race and the Vic-Maui race (again!). Good luck to ya!

Turnagain's PHRF rating is 99.

First Official Entry! Abstract J/105, Portland, OR

We always welcome our first entrant, especially when they are from our hometown! This will be Abstract’s second Oregon Offshore.  After a action packed year of one design racing throughout the PNW, skipper, Doug Pihlaja, plans to compete in this year’s Swiftsure and the 2019 Pacific Cup in the Double-hand division. Glad to have Portland based skipper, Doug Pihlaja, and crew join us!


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Offshore presentation January 25th CYC Seattle clubhouse

Please join us this Thursday, January 25th at the CYC Seattle clubhouse starting at 6pm. After dinner, our Commodore Craig Garrison, Vice Commodore/Offshore Chair Denny Damore, Rear Commodore Jenn Thompson, and present Membership Chair/past Commodore Alex Reed along with Seattle's Alex Krawarik will be giving an educational  presentation about the race. Will hold a Q & A session after the presentation. Please join us!

RSVP encouraged 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Registration now open

Registration is officially open today. 

This year we are accepting electronic entries via Regatta Network. Click here to sign up. Race related information will be available on both this site and the RN event page.

Questions? contact Dennis Damore 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Attention! Attention! Calling All Offshore Racing Sailors!

logo art: Eric Rouzee
It's time again to get ready to race up the Washington Coast towards beautiful Victoria, British Columbia!

The Corinthian Yacht Club of Oregon is proud to announce the 42nd Annual Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race, to be held May 10th-13th, 2018.

The annual race, a mainstay for Northwest sailors, begins each year outside the mouth of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon and finishes in the picturesque harbor of Victoria, British Columbia.

Race registration will open on January 20, 2018 and CYC will begin taking race entrant registrations through Regatta Network on and after that date. The official Notice of Race (NOR), Safety & Equipment Requirements and links to the race registration page will be ready and available for early bird sign-ups at that time.

If you have any questions about the race, as either boat owner or crew, please contact CYC Race Captain Dennis Damore at

Don't forget the annual 2018 Oregon Offshore Kickoff Party, to be held again this year April 16th at Kell's Restaurant in downtown Portland. Further details will be posted soon about the pre-race festivities on the official race blog, so keep checking back for important updates!

The legendary Oregon Offshore Skipper's Meeting will be held again this year in Astoria, Oregon on May 9th. Race skippers and navigators are required to join CYC race organizers and other race participants for important last minute updates on weather, safety equipment, tides, race start time and the race course.

Come, join the action at the 2018 CYC Oregon Offshore! Get your registration in early, beginning next week on January 20, 2018!

Best regards & safe passage to all considering this annual Northwest journey!

Race Captain
Corinthian Yacht Club of Oregon
2018 Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race