Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome Oregon Offshore Fans

Welcome Offshore Fans -

This is the finish line's attempt to make info about the Oregon Offshore available to friends and family who are not out on the race course. We expect to have internet access at Ogden Point, so we will experiment with this Blog as a way to give folks info about the race as it happens.

We will try to post information about boat check-ins as we get them. We will also post any stories about the race and the boats that we get.

Please remember that under the Racing Rules, you are not allowed to give any of this information to the boats that are out racing, since this would be considered "outside assistance", which is not allowed and which could cause a boat to be disqualified.



Lynice said...

Hi Sue - Just confirming blog access here. I like the photo of our little headquarters. That was from last year, right? If you look real hard, maybe you can see all the little furry members of the Finish Line Race Committee, no?


Jacki said...

Hi Sue and Lynice.
It is so cool that you are taking the time to post this blog. I am certain that my family and friends will appreciate having the information.
Thank you also, for AGAIN serving as the finish line. I realize that it is a tiresome job with not a lot of "Thank You's".

Gary said...

I have had requests every year for a link to some Offshore information

SailPDX webmaster

rauzer II said...

Sue & Lynice,
Thanks for all your time and efforts on behalf of the Oregon Offshore.
The Rauzer II crew is chomping at the bit to shove off from Astoria and head up the coast.

s/v Rauzer II 69050

Anonymous said...

Any chance we can get the boats type/phrf/fleet/skipper along with the boats name?

Thanks for putting up this site.

KK said...

This is great! I'm sure all friends and family back home appreciate your efforts to keep them informed. Hope this is up next year, too!