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Sorry it's taken so long, but I'm new to figuring out how to blog things... finally, here are the results for the 2008 Oregon Offshore, showing everyone's placing in fleet and overall, along with all of your corrected times. There is probably a more elegant way to do this, but at least I finally found out a way to do it!

Rauzer II's video of Race Rocks

Rauzer II has posted a video of their trip through Race Rocks. You can see it at

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And the winners are

Thanks everyone for watching - here are the results as presented at Royal Victoria Yacht Club this afternoon:

1st overall - Time Bandit

A Class
1st Time Bandit
2nd Rage
3rd Riva
4th Velocity

B Class
1st Rauzer II
2nd Kokomo
3rd Rya

C Class
1st Giant Slayer
2nd Wy'East
3rd Legacy
4th Aja
5th Sampaquita 2

Cruising (D) Class
1st Puelche

The last boat is in!

Sampaquita 2 has finished! They crossed the line at 7:24:25 this morning. They finished with a reefed main and a storm jib, but the jib was (probably purposefully) not doing much!

We also heard from Rattler, they are now safely in Port Angeles after withdrawing yesterday afternoon.

Final race results will be posted here after the announcement of the results at RVYC today.

Report from Sampaquita 2

Just heard from Sampaquita 2, they are about 10 miles from Victoria Harbour and expect to arrive in about 2 hours, well within the time limit for the race.

Rya, then Aja

As of 2:30 am, all boats are in except Sampaquita 2, who has not yet reached Race Rocks.

Legacy Finishes

Wow, it's been a busy night shift. The latest finisher is Legacy who came in under main sail only (like most of the finishers tonight so far).

Aja Blows Through Race Rocks

We just heard from Aja, who has come through Race Rocks. Conditions there are blustery with winds out of the west at 20. Everyone is healthy - yay!

Rya's on Her Way

Rya is 7 miles from the finish with winds of 25-30. All's quiet now at RCHQ (except for the wind) since all cruise ships have left.

Velocity's Exciting Harbor Entry

If I get a vote, Velocity wins "Most Exciting Finish" for dodging 3 cruise ships in the dark and entering the harbor between Cruise Ship 2 and Cruise Ship 3's exits.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Legacy at Race Rocks; Velocity Dodges Cruise Ship

We just heard from Legacy, checking in from Race Rocks. I heard a voice in the background say Tell Sue We're Rockin'! Well, Legacy - RC is rockin' too, it feels like about 40 out there...

Velocity checks in from about a mile out. Meanwhile, 3 cruise ships are leaving the harbor and I hear Velocity on the radio making sure they know he's there.

Velocity Checks In From Race Rocks

We just heard from Tom on Velocity. His ETA at the finish is 12:30am. See you soon Velocity!

Wy'East finishes

In screaming winds and with no jib, Wy'East flew across the finish line tonight at 22:02:23. There must be a story behind the missing jib, but we don't know what it is quite yet.

Wy'East is the last of the boats that have reported so far from Race Rocks, so we don't know how far out the remaining five boats are.

Boats that remain to finish and the time they reported to VTS are:
Rya 5:30 am today
Velocity 5:52 am today
Legacy 8:40 am today
Aja 4:03 pm today
Sampaquita 2 5:46 pm today

The last boat to finish, Wy'East reported to VTS at 7:25 am this morning, so she passed both Rya and Velocity during the day today.

The winds are heavy enough at the finish line right now that the RC's heavy 30' fifth wheel is rockin' & rollin'.

Peulche crossing the finish line

Just had time to get this photo of Peulche crossing the finish line earlier this evening posted.

Giant Slayer has finished

Giant Slayer has finished in grand style, across a finish line with lots of whitecaps. They finished Saturday night at 21:40:51.

Wy'East is 4 miles out

Just got a call from Wy'East. They are about 4 miles out and have an eta of about 10 pm tonight.

Rauzer II finishes

Rauzer II finished at 20:32:27 tonight. They were looking good as they flew through the finish line.

Giant Slayer

At 8:23 Giant Slayer called, they are at Race Rocks and heading towards the finish.

Mummbo Jummbo and Peulche

Mummbo Jummbo has made it to Victoria and is tied up at the dock.

Peulche crossed the finish line at 20:10:46, under sail, but has done some motoring to get here.

Kokomo has finished

Kokomo finished tonight at 19:56:01

Rauzer II at Race Rocks

We just heard from Rauzer II, they are coming through Race Rocks at about 7 knots, looking to see us soon.

Winds and rain have picked up significantly. Wind is blowing at about 10+ knots and rain is coming down hard at the finish line.

Kokomo is 3 miles out

Just heard from Kokomo by radio, they are 3 miles out from Victoria Harbor

Kokomo coming through Race Rocks

At 6:49 pm, Kokomo called to tell us they were coming through Race Rocks. We hastened to finish our dinner and rode our bikes, in the rain back to the finish line, where we await Kokomo's finish. We have three cruise ships sharing the docks with us, one of which is preparing to leave - and will probably leave at about the time that Kokomo gets here.

Light air is taking its toll

Shortly after Mummbo Jummbo's call, Peulche called. They were motoring through Race Rocks because of the lack of wind.

Just after the call from Peulche, Passepartout also abandoned the race, approximately 1 1/2 miles from Race Rocks. At the time of their call, they were not sure whether they would be stopping in Victoria.

Passepartout told us that the weather at Race Rocks was rainy, with visibility of about 1/2 mile and no appreciable wind. They said that they had really had no wind since Cape Flattery. What wind there was, was not steady enough to do anything.

There were some other boats with them at Cape Flattery when they left by motor.

Mummbo Jummbo drops out

At 5:16 pm, we received a call from Mummbo Jummbo dropping out of the race. At the time they called, they were about 3 miles from Race Rocks, but said that they had been drifting ever since turning the corner. Their motor is on and they are heading towards Victoria.

RC off to dinner

With no word from anyone near Race Rocks, RC is off to dinner. Last year this triggered several calls of boats approaching Race Rocks and required Lynice to dash back to the finish line while Sue waited for take-out. Let's see if that works this year.

Finally, word from some boats!

Just got a phone call from Aja. They have just turned the corner. Wind is currently ESE at about 5 knots and it is raining. They have heard radio traffic from Sampaquita 2 who is approaching Duntze Rock. They said that there is another boat out there with sails down, but they are not sure what boat it is, or if it is even one of the racers.

They are looking for that stronger west wind that has been predicted all day.

And the latest finisher is...

Riva Finished

Spinnaker down, Riva heads for Ship Point and a well deserved rest.

Riva coming around the point

Riva showing just how light the air was early this morning as she skates around Ogden Point.

Just in photos of earlier finish

Here we have Time Bandit and Riva as they run for the finish just outside Ogden Point at about 4:45 am this morning.

Race Rocks Video Cam link posted

Race Rocks has a viewer controllable webcam that shows the area around Race Rocks. If you are lucky, you might be able to see one of the racers heading through. (Not that we have anyone heading through there in the immediate future).

Link to real time buoy reports added

Thanks to Gary, we've added an interesting link to real time buoy reports at the top of our list for your viewing pleasure.

Only 2 boats left to turn corner

Legacy has checked in with Seattle VTS at 8:40 am this morning, leaving only Aja and Sampaquita 2 left outside.

It's been a very quiet morning, although the winds have started to pick up a little (maybe 6 knots or so at most here at RC) the flag is fluttering a bit right now and there are cats paws on the water. One of the five cruise ships expected in Victoria is berthed, the remaining 4 have not yet arrived.

One of the ships expected, the Star Princess has a bridge cam - which allows you to see the conditions were she is, along the outside of Vancouver Island (she is coming down from Alaska). The bridge cam can be found at the bottom of this page:

Light air and changing tides claim first victim

At 9:40 am this morning, Mike Campbell from Rattler withdrew from the race. They made it around Cape Flattery, but the wind died and the tide was causing them to be swept out to sea. They have fired up the engine and are motoring to Pt. Angeles.

Seattle VTS check-ins

Here's the latest from Sat. morning. The following vessels checked in with Seattle vessel traffic at the following times:

5:51 Velocity
5:52 Passepartout
5:30 Rya
7:06 Puelche
7:25 Wy'East

The Latest from Wy'East

Frank called to report their position. I thought he said 48'25"N, 144'36"W, but I found this tool where I can plot a position: and based on that, I think he must've said 124'36"W...I hope. Anyway, it's gray and calm here at RCHQ, but Frank said he had a windspeed of 5 and boat speed of 4.6 - Go Wy'East!

Riva Crosses The Line!

They made it - and the finish line flag is barely moving. Good job, Riva!

Time Bandit Finishes!

The night shift gets a little excitement as dawn unfolds. I saw Riva first, then Time Bandit, but Riva had to jibe and Time Bandit sailed in with an amazingly healthy-looking spinnaker as the finish line flag, um, flagged. Raindrops are falling as I await the Riva finish. She's still outside the sea wall, but it won't be long...

Legacy Crosses 48th Parallel

Eric on Legacy called in at 4am to report crossing 48 degrees N. Wind was 15-20 with a boat speed of 9 - Nice! Eric said it was a little bumpy but they were surfing waves and it was a lot better than a flat calm...

Wy'east Rounds Duntze Rock

It's the night shift here at RCHQ and we just heard from Frank on Wy'East. They rounded Duntze Rock at 3:38am.

Fleet Divisions

We've had a request for the fleet divisions, so here they are:

A Fleet
Time Bandit
Mummbo Jummbo

B Fleet
Rauzer II

C Fleet
Giant Slayer
Sampaquita 2

Cruising Fleet

Time Bandit is at Race Rocks

Just heard by radio from Time Bandit, they are at Race Rocks.

Our thanks to Schooner Creek and Brian Hallett at Navigation Solutions, RC's newly installed VHF radio is working well and we've been able to communicate with boats at Race Rocks and with the hospitality boat, Total Eclipse at Ship Point.

Now, if we could just get the cell phones to work as reliably. On one side of the trailer, our cell phones say they are getting "service" from AT&T, on the other side, the "service" is from Rogers... neither works very reliably, and at night, they are worse.

Early morning VTS check-ins

Several boats have managed to make it around the corner in the early morning hours:

Giant Slayer checked in with Seattle VTS at 1:17 am
Rauzer II checked in at 1:49 am and
Mummbo Jummbo checked in at 2:44 am.

It will be interesting to hear the tactics from these boats, since these boats are all in different classes and the last of the three to check in was in A fleet.

VTS also heard from Rattler, who was about 15 miles from Duntze Rock about an hour ago, so they were expecting to hear from them within an hour or two.

Riva makes it to Race Rocks

As of 2:35 am Saturday morning, Riva is at Race Rocks. They have about 4 knots of wind. ETA to finish is several hours away unless the winds pick up. Here inside Ogden point, the RC flag is just hanging on its pole.

Rattler checks in

We just heard from Rattler. They are 15 miles from Duntze Rock at 12:13 am.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kokomo in the Straits

Kokomo checked in with Seattle VTS at 8:55 pm this evening.

Line Honors go to Rage

At 22.40.39 tonight Rage ghosted across the finish line in very light air with her chute barely filled. The wind has become steadily lighter this evening and Rage took a bit longer than predicted to make the line.

First word from Kokomo

Kokomo just checked in. They are at 124'40" and have passed 48N some time in the past. They are currently about 10 miles from Duntze Rock.

Rage at Race Rocks

Rage arrived at Race Rocks at about 20:41 tonight. We expect to see them arrive at the finish soon. They are doing 9.2 knots and hoping the wind picks up. It has picked up at the finish line.

Rage's latest check-in

Rage was at Sheringham Point at 7 pm, according to Nancy Rander. They expect to reach Race Rocks at around 9pm.

Weather here in Victoria is turning a bit overcast as the clouds come in from the Pacific. Winds have remained light all day. Right now our view out the RC window shows a flat, almost windless bay with the sun slowly setting into the clouds.

Velocity crosses 48N

At 7:25 pm Tom on Velocity called to let us know that they have crossed 48N. Winds are light, about 6 knots out of the South West.

VTS check-ins

Riva checked in with Seattle VTS at 6:20 pm and Time Bandit checked in with them at 6:29 pm this evening. Earlier we heard that they were all in sight of rage.

Latest word from Rage

Rage is now 3 hours from Race Rocks, so we will expect to see them arriving at about 11 pm or so tonight. We have one cruise ship that is docking now and should be here until after Rage arrives.

And finally, the reluctant furry RC member

Finally, Diva, mother of the tequila crew, and our most reluctant RC member, refusing to pose for a photo, she was out of here!

The rest of the furry RC

More furry RC members:
On the top is Star and on the bottom is her mother Whoopie. We have been sharing the dock with various cruise ships

The furry members of RC #1

These three guys are the youngest members of RC. They were born on Monday - right to left, we have Margarita (girl), Patron (boy) and Tequila (girl). Note - Monday was also Cinco de Mayo.

Becalmed for 4 hours

Latest update from Legacy. They (and several other boats) were becalmed for about 4 hours this morning. They are now underway again. Passepartout is on the horizon in front of them and another boat is on the horizon abeam.

At about 2:45 pm, they were about 18 miles from Destruction Island.

RC now has working internet at the finish line, so we should be better able to get our updates filed promptly. Cheers!

Time Bandit

10:30 am. Time Bandit has crossed 48N. Phone connections with them were terrible, so that's all we got.

10 am Race Committee

RC is sitting in the sun on the dock drinking our morning coffee. We are still trying to get our internet connection on the dock working. Winds at Victoria are light and the sun is blindingly bright for those of us used to Portland's overcast.

We are heading to RVYC to get a new DSL modem that has already been configured for the line at the dock. With that modem, we hope to be able to get our posts up as soon as we hear from the boats. The previous posts have all been made from RVYC, so they have to wait until we are there to do the posting.

Rage at 10 am

Rage is 20 miles from turning the corner. They have Time Bandit on the horizon behind them. Winds are light. Weather is sunny.

The word from Rauzer II

9:30 am report from Tom English on Rauzer II. They are at 47'30" N 124.3 W (near Destruction Island).

It is nice and sunny with light east wind. They saw a "herd" of wales about 1/4 mile off the boat a couple of hours ago. They have a couple of boats in sight, one abeam of them 5-6 miles away and another about 8 miles out from them. The boat 8 miles out is running a chute.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Notes from Legacy

2 pm call. Legacy is dueling it out with Rya. Says they can hit them if they threw a bagel. Passpartout and Riva were in sight, as well as a couple of other unidentified boats. It was Mummbo Jummbo that Legacy pulled out of the sand (hasn't Arden won the Sandbox award before - why was he trying to get it again?)

All of these boats were about 20 miles south of Grays Harbor.

Rage moving right along at 2:30 pm

2:30 pm Rage is just off Willapa Bay with winds at 8-10 knots. Says they are moving right along, but not at a breakneck speed.

Wy'East makes an early attempt at the Sandbox Award

Wy'East was a bit late to the start after spending 30+ minutes in the sand before making it out to Buoy 2. RC has heard that a few others also spent some time in the sandbox, but managed to get off earlier than Wy'East. Legacy pulled one as yet unidentified boat from the sand.

The race started on time with 16 boats, including late entry Passepartout.