Sunday, May 11, 2008

And the winners are

Thanks everyone for watching - here are the results as presented at Royal Victoria Yacht Club this afternoon:

1st overall - Time Bandit

A Class
1st Time Bandit
2nd Rage
3rd Riva
4th Velocity

B Class
1st Rauzer II
2nd Kokomo
3rd Rya

C Class
1st Giant Slayer
2nd Wy'East
3rd Legacy
4th Aja
5th Sampaquita 2

Cruising (D) Class
1st Puelche


Bennetts' Blog said...

Excellent Job Race Committee Sue and Lynice. Thanks for keeping shoreside folks so well informed.

Anonymous said...

Nice job RC. When you post results, can you post times too? Thank you!

Cookoo for Kokomo said...

Kokomo sends a big "Thanks" to the RC and for everyone involved behind the scenes. Great Job!

Anonymous said...

The crew of Giant Slayer send thanks to the organizers, start and finish voluntees. See you again in 2 years.

David Garman & Debra Lowell
SV Giant Slayer

Doug Schenk said...

Great work Time Bandit, all the volunteers! Blog was great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the great volunteers!

Any idea when we can expect the final race results?