Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time Bandit Finishes!

The night shift gets a little excitement as dawn unfolds. I saw Riva first, then Time Bandit, but Riva had to jibe and Time Bandit sailed in with an amazingly healthy-looking spinnaker as the finish line flag, um, flagged. Raindrops are falling as I await the Riva finish. She's still outside the sea wall, but it won't be long...


Amber Conrad said...


DWO said...

WooHoo is right, Schwert.

Way to go, Banditos!

Thanks, RC. The weather could've been a lot worse, and the orcas and greys were icing. Not to mention the beautiful sunsets. And no rain (on the B watch, anyway).

Special thanks to the Brunii for a great time.