Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dates for 2010 Oregon Offshore

We have the dates for the Oregon Offshore. The race will start on May 13 at Buoy 2 in Astoria, OR and run through May 15, ending in Victoria, BC.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photos from Wave Dancer

Here's a group of photos by Tim & Renae Little showing their first Oregon Offshore, sailed with Steve Moshofsky on Wave Dancer. Just click on the title of this entry.

California Girl's video of Offshore

Really nice video by Timm of California Girl showing the highlights of their race this year. Just click on the title of this entry.

Corrected, Corrected Results for Cruising Class

O.K. one more time, this time correctly (never have a "word" person do math - obviously it is way beyond us!)

1st place - Puelche with a time of 59.29 (includes 1 hour of motoring allowance)
2nd place - Ya Shure with a time of 61.21.48 (includes 40 minutes of motoring allowance)
3rd place - Rendezvous with a time of 63.11.45 (includes 3 hours of motoring allowance)

This should be the final correction of the results!

My apologies to cruising class for the earlier errors.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Somehow the box that should have been checked to create the corrected times was not (probably operator error). The above shows the corrected results with the proper corrected times. Sorry about the confusion from yesterday.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

And the Winner is...

With a sweep of First to Finish, First Overall and First in Class:
Riva, with a corrected time of 1 day, 5 hours, 18 minutes and 5 seconds

Congratulations Riva.

Aja drifts across the finish

Congratulations to Aja as the last boat to finish the 2009 Oregon Offshore.

With a great deal of fortitude, Aja has spent over the last hour just trying to make it to the finish from the outside of the Ogden Point breakwater. After a short discussion with the RC about the effect of motoring (it's a disqualification for all but the cruising class) Aja made the decision like a true sailboat racer to keep racing.

Since the wind all but shut down over an hour ago, this has meant that the finish committee has been watching them bob like a cork for all this time.

Like the Old Salt, Aja kept at it until they finally crossed the finish at 2:27.

Get a good night sleep, Aja you deserve it.

The End is Here, Almost

Rendezvous crossed the line with a little breeze behind her. She reported 4 knots as she turned the bend into Ogden Point.

Ya Shure was 10 minutes behind her and came in strong. I know she finished with a smile on her face, a little cold and ready for a good sleep.

The air is crisp and all is well. It was a great day for the racers today. The weather was beautiful throughout the day. Sunshine and very little clouds in the sky.

Currently Aja is just shy of Ogden Point. There was a change in the weather, the wind is now gone. Aja has informed me they are doing everything they can to move her, including blowing on the sails.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Aja reported in from Race Rocks

We just heard from Aja, she is at Race Rocks. She is the last racing boat to report. Assuming the wind keeps up, it looks like everyone will get a reasonable night's sleep and all boats will have finished well within the time limit (their deadline is 10 am on Sunday).

Peulche finishes

The wind has picked up here at the finish. Puelche just finished moving right along with her spinnaker flying nicely. She is the first of the cruising class boats to finish.

Puelche is a Beneteau Oceanis 381. Her skipper is Rod Macaya and crew includes Doug Danielson, Tracy Olson, Tim tees, Steve Weir and Tom Welinski.

Wind here at the finish now appears to be 10+ knots - it's strong enough that we can feel it seep through the windows that are almost shut, but not sealed due to the communications wires strung through them.

Ya Shure at Race Rocks

We just heard from Ya Shure, they are at Race Rocks. This makes them the last boat to check in at Race Rocks.

More boats near Race Rocks

We recently heard from Puelche, she is well past Race Rocks and thinks she should be at the finish in about an hour.

Rendezvous also just checked in. She is adjacent to Race Rocks and heading towards the finish.

We have not heard from Ya Shure but from earlier reports, we suspect she is in the straits and heading for Race Rocks.

There have been several attempts at radio contact from unidentified boats who appear to be too far from the finish for the VHF radios to work; lots of static, no understandable information.

Rya Finishes

Rya's estimated finish time was a bit off. It seems that they got excited when the wind started to blow and fill the chute, but that excitement was short-lived, when, once again the wind died.

Rya is a Hylas 49. Her skipper is Andy McCann. He is assisted by crew members Doug McCann, Mathew Matsson, Rick Nunes, Brian Moore and Don Etter.

We had hoped to get a photo of her with her spinnaker up, but, by the time they finished, shortly after 9:30 pm, there was not enough light. Maybe next year.

Puelche at Race Rocks

Puelche is at Race Rocks and estimates at 10 pm finish time. We didn't get to talk to them, radio had too much static, and, as usual, the cell phone never rang until it said it had a message.

Rya ETA 1 1/2 hours

Rya says she has wind and the spinnaker up. They have passed through Race Rocks and expect to arrive at the finish in about 1 1/2 hours.

Conditions here at the finish line haven't changed, a light breeze and brilliant sun.

Shamrock's Finish Photo

The lovely Shamrock as she heads towards the finish line.

Shamrock Finishes

Shamrock just finished moving well, wing on wing. Everyone sounded happy to be done.

Shamrock is skippered by Gary Bruner. Gary is a long time cruiser, but he did take third in the Catalina 25 nationals in 2004. His crew includes Steve Eldred, Don Woodhouse, Edie Felix and Karen Anderson. Gary says he and the rest of his crew are all antiques.

Shamrock was Gary's project boat. She spent 6-8 years on a trailer before Gary got her and he spent 1 1/2 years doing a total refit. He says she was a wreck when he got her.

According to his crew, the hardest part about getting ready for the race was Gary's worrying. Gary on the other hand thought the hardest part was getting the crew together for some practice.

Gary says that doing this race on his own boat has been on his bucket list... I think he's done a great job of accomplishing it.

Various reports

Just spoke with Rya, they are about 2 hours out. While we were talking, they had no wind in their spinnaker, but as we spoke, the wind picked up and they are hopeful that they will be able to finish in a few hours.

Aja checked in with us. There is another boat with a black & yellow spinnaker behind them on the Canadian side. We don't have a boat with those spinnaker colors remaining out sailing, unless it is a cruising class boat (for whom we don't have spinnaker colors). Neither Aja or the other boat have made it Race Rocks yet.

We are now watching someone getting close enough to identify.

Shamrock reports in

Shamrock called to let us know that they passed Race Rocks at about 1605. Their estimate was that they'd reach the finish line in about 2 1/2 hours, about 1830.

Upon our return to the finish line, we could see them way, way out there. Our estimate is that it's going to take them until more like 1930 to finish. The wind is very light as far as we can see. The sun is shining brightly and there are just a few clouds in the sky.

Sanitarium Finishes

Sanitarium has now finished and is heading towards the customs dock. One of her ground crew got to join us to cheer the finish.

Sanitarium's skipper is John Mosteller and he was assisted in the race by crew members
Danny Voils, Christien Rinke and Mark Allen. We're told that one of these folks just met the crew on Wednesday.

Just when we think there's a break

We just got a voice mail from Sanitarium and they are at Race Rocks. With this light air, I suspect we'll see them in a couple of hours.

The Last of the Early Morning Finishers

Thirsty slides around Ogden Point heading for the finish.

Wave Dancer Ghosts Across the Fininsh

This morning's light air left Wave Dancer to gently (and slowly) slide across the finish. Although this photo shows a lot of clouds, almost all the clouds have now burned off and we have bright sunshine.

Sails still slack, Wy'East waits

Photo time!

Wy'East waits patiently as the sun rises, hoping to make the finish. They ended up anchoring right near the finish to avoid drifting back out.

Aja with a Ya Shure sighting

We just got a call from Aja. They were within 1/4 mile of Tattoosh when the wind shut off at about 3:30 am this morning. Since the current is now going out of the straits, they are being pushed away from the finish and are now about 5 miles out.

They say they saw another racing boat, a two-masted one (must be Ya Shure), in the center of the channel towards the Canadian side. Apparently that boat is also being pushed out because of no wind.

Busy night

Well, the finish line and the hospitality boat were busy places last night! With the excellent West winds everyone had going up the Washington Coast, many boats that were not expected to arrive until some time on Saturday are here, docked and the crew has already had hot showers and a nap.

The remaining boats are likely to spend some time this morning waiting for the light air to fill in, but it should do so by afternoon. Right now, buoys show that the air is light from the Washington coast to the entrance of the Straits and all the way to Victoria. This afternoon's prediction is that the wind should fill in to 10-20 knots this afternoon and evening. The boats still out racing should be able to use that wind to finish, since most have only 30-40 miles to go, if that far.

Here at the finish line, there is a slight breeze, on the nose for any boat trying to finish.

Right now, we do not have any boats between Race Rocks and the finish, so we don't expect any additional finishes this morning.

Two of the last 3 boats have turned the corner

We just heard from Seattle Traffic that Aja as checked in as she entered the straits. They told VTS that they thought Ya Shure was just behind them. That leaves us with just one boat left to check in with VTS, Rendezvous. Hopefully we will soon hear that they, too, have entered the straits.

Thirsty Crew finishes

Thirsty has made it to Victoria. They are the 10th boat to finish the race.

Little less than half to go! Looks like it will be a beautiful day here in Victory. A few clouds in the sky, but they look harmless.

Have some great photos that will be posted a little later this morning, so check back in to see the new shots of our finishers.

Wy'East and Wave Dance End Hand in Hand

Just as the sun rose, Wy'East turned the corner and headed into Ogden Point. Wave Dancer was right on her tail. As they glided into the finish line 40 minutes later, both crews were happy to arrive in Victoria.
We got a nice close up view of each boat. I chatted with the crew of Wy'East for a moment as they floated over the finish line.

Welcome to Victoria Rattler

Rattler crossed the finish line, cruising down the middle of the harbor. The crew of Rattler; skipper, Michael Campbell, Paul Gascoique, Patrick Valade, and David Koller have made it through customs and are on land!

Wave Dancer becalmed

Wave Dancer just called and left a message. They are becalmed and don't expect to make the finish before 5 am.

Only 3 boats left to check in with VTS

I just spoke with Seattle Traffic. They have now heard from Puelche, Sanitarium and Rya, leaving Aja, Rendezvous and Ya Shure left to check in.

Looking over the breakwater I see a green masthead light, I suspect it is Rattler, who should be the next boat to finish based on who went through Race Rocks and their estimate an hour or so ago. The air at the finish is extremely light, although there is still some air moving, it's not much.

Wave Dancer ETA 4:30 am

Just got a voice mail that Wave Dancer expects to arrive at about 4:30 this morning.

Thirsty at Race Rocks, Puelche into the Straits

Alan Bergen on Thirsty just called at 0245. They are at Race Rocks and are less than 2 hours from the finish. The wind is doing 17 knots where they are.

While I was talking with Alan, Rod Macaya on Puelche was leaving us a phone message that they are entering into the Straits and are across from Neah Bay.

Wy'East about 4 1/2 miles out, Wave Dancer at Race Rocks

Just got a call from Frank Colistro, skipper of Wy'East. They are about 4 1/2 miles out. He says it's pretty light, so he expects it could take then 90 minutes to get to the finish.

Shortly after Frank's call, Steve Moshofsky, skipper of Wave Dancer called. They are passing through Race Rocks. The cell system cut him off, so I couldn't get a weather report. They say they are going about 3 knots.

Wave Dancer passing Race Rocks

We just heard from Wave Dancer, who is passing through Race Rocks at 0220. They say they have a line of sight to the finish.

Rattler about an hour out

Rattler says they are about 4 miles from the finish and expect to reach the line within 45 minutes to an hour.

Rattler clears Race Rocks

Rattler just called to report that they cleared Race Rocks at 1:10 am this morning and are heading towards Victoria.

Wave Dancer just reported in

We've been having trouble understanding Wave Dancer's radio transmissions, although she has made several attempts to communicate with use. I believe she just reported that they are passing Donaldson (?) Island. As she gets closer to the finish, hopefully we will be able to hear her reports better.

Velocity Skipper and Crew

Velocity's skipper is Tom Keffer. Assisting Tom as crew are Bill and Kathy Cuffel, Robert Henry, Gil MacGregor and Carl Hosticka. Velocity is a J/42.

First boat over the line on Saturday is California Girl

California Girl just finished, flying her spinnaker and looking good. Her co-skippers are Timm and Victoria Lessley. California Girl, a Cal 40, is a veteran of a number of Pacific Cup Races and is now back in the Pacific Northwest.

The rest of her crew consists of Chris Brown, Andrew Nelson, Betty Lessley and Gordon Higgins.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Shamrock has rounded the corner

RC just got a voicemail that Shamrock rounded the corner and entered the Straits at about 23:07. Sadly, we didn't get to talk to them, since the phone never rang.

The vagaries of cell phone communications out here at Ogden Point means that, depending on the minute, and were the phone is located inside the RV, we can have 0 bars, 5 bars, service from AT&T (in the US - so that means we are hooking up to Pt. Angeles towers 25 miles away) or Rogers (Canadian service). We never know which, if any service we might get because it is completely unpredictable. When we answer a call, we don't want to move because we might move out of the coverage we were getting and lose the call completely.

More boats have checked in with Seattle VTS

Just spoke with Seattle VTS. They heard from Thirsty at 17:47; Wave Dancer at 18:00 and Sanitarium at 19:23.

California Girl at Race Rocks

California Girl just radioed us to say they are at Race Rocks with an eta of about 2 hours, which would put them in just after midnight.

Velocity is at Race Rocks

Velocity called in by cell phone. He says they are at Race Rocks with about 15 knots of wind. If the wind holds, they expect to arrive around midnight.


We just got a radio call from Velocity. It was difficult to understand, but we think they said they were at Race Rocks. We hope that's what they said anyway, they are the last of the Class A boats remaining racing, the rest have all finished.

Wy'East in the Straits

Wy'East called us about an hour ago, they are approximately 26 miles from the finish. Frank says that Wave Dancer is a couple of miles behind them. We later got a radio call from Wave Dancer, but were unable to make contact.

The wind at the finish has died, probably 5 knots or less.

The last cruise ship until Sunday is just pulling out of the dock now, so the racers won't have to worry about dueling with the cruise ships when they want to finish.

Mummbo Jummbo's crew

Mummbo Jummbo, a Mumm 30 is skippered by Arden Newbrook. His crew includes communications chief (or at least the guy who regularly kept the finish line updated) Blaine Gould, Eric Simensen, Peter Guifoyle, Bryant Alexander, and Jeff Duvall.

Time Bandit finishes just 3 minutes behind Mummbo Jummbo

As the sun sets, Time Bandit finishes the Oregon Offshore. Time Bandit, a J/120 from the Seattle area, carries a crew of 10. Skipper Bob Brunius and his wife Barb, John Sheppard, Tim Cleary, Tom O'Hara, Bob Conrad, Mark Lincoln, Troy Donaldson, Joshua Siegel and James Doane.,

Finish line treats

As is the Oregon Offshore's custom, all boats are greeted with hot towels and a bottle of Champagne when they arrive at the dock. This year our greeting boat, Koinonia, a 65' Selene trawler, is doing even more. The racers are being treated with brownies and hot coffee. Many thanks to Mark Tilden and his wife Roseanne Tilden.

Next to finish - Mummbo Jummbo

So, we've heard from Time Bandit and they are on their way to the finish, when all of a sudden we look up and there's not just one sail (Time Bandit's red, white & blue spinnaker) but another tall main scooting along the Ogden Point breakwater. Sure enough, Mummbo Jummbo is out in front and speeding towards the line. They finish just 3 minutes ahead of Time Bandit.

Here is Mummbo Jummbo speeding towards the line as the sun starts to set.

Anam Cara Finishes at about 6:25 pm

Anam Cara, Gaelic for Soul Friend is a 1 1/2 year old J-122 built in France. She is Tom Kelly's 5th boat in over 30years of racing, and he says she is his "dream boat". Tom is a long-time competitor in the Oregon Offshore, although we haven't seen him in the race recently. His first Oregon Offshore was 1979 and he had the fun of being race captain in the 1980's.

Anam Cara plans to do the Swiftsure in 2 weeks and then do the Van Isle Race, a race around Vancouver Island this summer.

Anam Cara's crew has been described as "geriatric" by Tom, but it contains a number of excellent sailors with many sea miles. The crew includes John Copper from West Marine, local Portland sailors Brian Marske and Jim Madden. Out of town sailors include Bob Ross, the broker and Manager of Whidbey Island Race Week for many years and Scott Boys and Sally Hawkins from Friday Harbor. Other members of the crew are Lane Brown and Patrick Cummings.

VTS check ins

Seattle VTS has been pretty busy, so they are not keeping complete track of our boats. So far, we know they have heard from Rattler, Mummbo Jummbo, California Girl, Rattler and Wy'East. There may be others that have turned the corner, but we haven't hard from them.

We are watching the top of Anam Cara's chute as she heads straight towards the finish. We expect her to finish soon.

We just got word from the welcome committee that Riva is tied up at the dock and relaxing.

Riva's Finish Photo

Here's Riva looking smart as she crosses the finish line as the first boat to finish. Her skipper is Scott Campbell and this race she had a crew of 8 more racers, including local North Sails Rep Kerry Poe. The rest of the crew is Steve Ackerman Davis Moran, Charles Turner, Nelson Rolens, Bob Martin, Dale Diets (sp?), and Ray McCormack.

California Girl loving life

California Girl just called in, they have turned the corner and are "lovin' life." They are about 34 miles from the finish in sunny skies and 15 knots of wind. Victoria says "everyone is mellow."

She says they heard Rattler call into VTS at about 5:05 p.m.

Riva First Across the Line

Shortly after 5 pm, Riva crossed the finish line to be the first boat to finish the 2009 Oregon Offshore. Anam Cara did not get their wish that she end up in a hole!

Anam Cara reporting in

Anam Cara has just reported that they are going through Race Rocks and are hoping that Riva falls into a hole!!

So far we don't see anyone from our post here at the end of Ogden Point.

The winds are light, but blowing and the sun is bright and shining. We should be able to get some photos of the boats as they finish, unless they finish way across the water from us.

Riva reports from Race Rocks

About 15 minutes ago, Riva called us. They are going through Race Rocks and expect to reach the finish in about 1 1/2 hours.

So much for that shopping break we planned to take :) Murchies will just have to wait.

RC Break

We're off to take a bit of a break. We'll be back in an hour or two and will bring everything up to date upon our return.

Velocity has checked in with Seattle VTS

Velocity checked in with Seattle VTS at about 2:30 pm this afternoon. RC has not yet heard from them.

Time Bandit checks in

Barb Brunius from Time Bandit checked in with RC at 1:37 pm this afternoon. They are past Neah Bay and crossing to the Canadian side of the Straits. They have 11.8 knots of wind and sunny skies.

Mummbo Jummbo at Neah Bay

Blaine Gould called in from Mummbo Jummbo at about 1:10 pm. He says they are sailing by the seat of Arden's pants and enjoying wine, cheese and crackers (must have been a tough night - since we all know Arden wouldn't allow that much weight on the boat!). They are near Neah Bay in light conditions.

Starting to hear from boats

Rattler has called in from La Push. Weather where they are is cloudy with gentle seas and a light to moderate breeze. They say they lost sight of other boats during the night and haven't seen anyone this morning. We heard from them at about 12:50 pm.

Seattle VTS check-ins before 1 pm Friday

Three boats have checked in with Seattle VTS before 1 pm Friday afternoon:
Anam Cara;
Time Bandit; and

Boats in the race are required to check in with Seattle VTS when they turn the corner into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

We are hoping to see those boats at the finish late this afternoon or some time tonight.

Time Bandit accidental EPRB trigger on Thursday

Yesterday Eric received a call from the wife of one of the crew on Time Bandit. It seems that she got a call from the coast guard telling her that her husband's personal EPRB had gone off. She was unable to reach anyone on the boat. Neither could the coast guard. Apparently no one was monitoring Ch 16.

Eventually a navy plane went out to try to get TB's attention - they buzzed TB a few times, e're told that folks on the boat waved to the plane, but no radio response. A ship was dispatched from Gray's Harbor... then a helicopter buzzed TB. Finally they got them on the radio, just to find out that there was no emergency.

Eric says that was very scary couple of hours while this resolved.

RC even got a phone call from Rya to let us know that the Coast Guard was trying to reach TB during the afternoon. Thanks to Rya for letting us know.

Note to everyone, if a Navy plane buzzes you, turn on your radio!

Apologies for the lack of posts/Race Start

Well, your offshore RC has been having computer intenet problems. Thanks to Stephanie from Swiftsure, who just spent a couple of hours with the folks responsible for our internet, we now actually have internet! Yeah Stephanie.

Yesterday the race got off to a picture perfect start with 5 boats crossing the line together. A few boats were late to the start, having been late to leave the docks in Astoria. Eric said that there were swells of 4-6 going out the mouth of the Columbia and things settled down once they got out into the ocean.

All 17 boats did finally start in 10-15 knots of west wind,.

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Boats Entered

Looks like we have 17 boats for the annual Oregon Offshore. Over the weekend we got several more entries. Welcome Mummbo Jummbo, Wave Dancer, California Girl, Shamrock and Ya Shure (some of these boats are promising to bring their entries to the Kick off tonight).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to new entrant - Sanitarium

This just in, an entry from John and Susan Mosteller, with an Express 27 named "Sanitarium". Welcome to the race.

Time Bandit added to entries

Time Bandit's race entry has been received and they are now listed as racing this year. Rumors still abound regarding the Lessley's entry, will it be Freewind, or are they going to take the faster California Girl? No word from them yet.

We've heard that certain other boats are entering... but time is running out and entries have not yet been received. Don't forget the deadline is April 27 at the Kick-off party.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kick-off Party

Join the Offshore racers at the annual kick-off party on April 27 at 6:00 pm at the Deschutes Brewery. Our thanks to Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl for hosting the party this year and supplying some tasty snacks.

Deschutes Brewery Portland Pub
210 NW 11th & Davis
Portland, OR 97209

More entries posted

Check the sidebar for the latest entries for the 2009 race. Rumors are that Time Bandit, Mummbo Jummbo, Freewind and Ya Shure are also planning to enter, but as of this morning, their entries have not been received.

Don't forget, the absolute final deadline for 2009 race entries is the April 27, 2009, kick-off party.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Race Entry Deadline less than month away

All you racers out there need to get your entries in for the Oregon Offshore. The entry deadline coincides with the annual kickoff party and is less than a month away. The kick-off party this year is on April 27, 2009 and is the last chance you have to get your entries in.

The Kick-Off party will be held at the Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl. Racers, crew and everyone else is invited to join us for the event starting at 6:00.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Offshore Google Group

The offshore Google group is starting up again. Follow the link on the sidebar at the left and sign up to join in the chatting as we prepare for the 2009 Oregon Offshore.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Offshore Dates

Planning for the 2009 Oregon Offshore has started. The race will start Thursday, May 7, 2009 at the mouth of the Columbia and end on Sunday, May 10, 2009 in Victoria.

Eric Rouzee, the Rear Commodore for CYC will be in charge this year.

Race Packets will be available shortly at