Saturday, May 9, 2009

Busy night

Well, the finish line and the hospitality boat were busy places last night! With the excellent West winds everyone had going up the Washington Coast, many boats that were not expected to arrive until some time on Saturday are here, docked and the crew has already had hot showers and a nap.

The remaining boats are likely to spend some time this morning waiting for the light air to fill in, but it should do so by afternoon. Right now, buoys show that the air is light from the Washington coast to the entrance of the Straits and all the way to Victoria. This afternoon's prediction is that the wind should fill in to 10-20 knots this afternoon and evening. The boats still out racing should be able to use that wind to finish, since most have only 30-40 miles to go, if that far.

Here at the finish line, there is a slight breeze, on the nose for any boat trying to finish.

Right now, we do not have any boats between Race Rocks and the finish, so we don't expect any additional finishes this morning.

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