Friday, May 8, 2009

Next to finish - Mummbo Jummbo

So, we've heard from Time Bandit and they are on their way to the finish, when all of a sudden we look up and there's not just one sail (Time Bandit's red, white & blue spinnaker) but another tall main scooting along the Ogden Point breakwater. Sure enough, Mummbo Jummbo is out in front and speeding towards the line. They finish just 3 minutes ahead of Time Bandit.

Here is Mummbo Jummbo speeding towards the line as the sun starts to set.


Eric said...

Way to kick butt Mummbo Jummbo!!!! Congratulations on your finish!!!

Beautiful photo....Jeannie

Anonymous said...

Nice job guys. Looking good.


Anonymous said...

Looking good. Best crew we've ever had! I'm proud of you.

Hugs 'n Kisses
Chris (aka Boat Mom)