Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shamrock Finishes

Shamrock just finished moving well, wing on wing. Everyone sounded happy to be done.

Shamrock is skippered by Gary Bruner. Gary is a long time cruiser, but he did take third in the Catalina 25 nationals in 2004. His crew includes Steve Eldred, Don Woodhouse, Edie Felix and Karen Anderson. Gary says he and the rest of his crew are all antiques.

Shamrock was Gary's project boat. She spent 6-8 years on a trailer before Gary got her and he spent 1 1/2 years doing a total refit. He says she was a wreck when he got her.

According to his crew, the hardest part about getting ready for the race was Gary's worrying. Gary on the other hand thought the hardest part was getting the crew together for some practice.

Gary says that doing this race on his own boat has been on his bucket list... I think he's done a great job of accomplishing it.

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