Friday, May 8, 2009

Time Bandit accidental EPRB trigger on Thursday

Yesterday Eric received a call from the wife of one of the crew on Time Bandit. It seems that she got a call from the coast guard telling her that her husband's personal EPRB had gone off. She was unable to reach anyone on the boat. Neither could the coast guard. Apparently no one was monitoring Ch 16.

Eventually a navy plane went out to try to get TB's attention - they buzzed TB a few times, e're told that folks on the boat waved to the plane, but no radio response. A ship was dispatched from Gray's Harbor... then a helicopter buzzed TB. Finally they got them on the radio, just to find out that there was no emergency.

Eric says that was very scary couple of hours while this resolved.

RC even got a phone call from Rya to let us know that the Coast Guard was trying to reach TB during the afternoon. Thanks to Rya for letting us know.

Note to everyone, if a Navy plane buzzes you, turn on your radio!

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