Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks to the hosts!

Our thanks to Rod Macaya and his greeting crew.  These guys greeted every race boat and even had to help by towing a few of them after the finish.  The champagne, chocolate chip cookies and hot towels (especially the hot towels) were highly appreciated by everyone.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Orizaba wins its Class and Overall Honors

Orizaba sailed a great race and repeated her 1998 performance as she wins first in Class A and the Overall trophy.  Our first to finish Boat was Rage, finishing the course in 1 day, 13 hours, 19 minutes and 6 seconds. Our last boat to complete the race, and the winner of the Old Salt trophy is Passepartout, who finished Sunday morning at 3:20:20.

Class A
1st Orizaba
2nd Rage

Class B
1st Wave Dancer
2nd Passepartout

Class C
1st California Girl
2nd L'Orca
3rd Peregrine

Class D
1st Wy'East
2nd Cool Change

Cruising Class
1st Ya Shure

As soon as we can get the scoring program to properly calculate the elapsed and corrected times, we will post them, but we are probably not going to be able to post them today.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The last boat has finished

Our last boat finished this morning at 3:29:20.  Congratulations to Passepartout for making it through the race and finishing!

Final results will be announced at RVYC and then posted here.

Aja drops out

Aja just called, they are near Neah Bay and have dropped out of the race.  They will be motoring to Victoria so they can join the post race party.

We've had a run of finishes

Our latest finishes:

Ya Shure finished at 1:12:48
Cool Change finished at 2:02:13
Wy'East finished at 2:20:00
Passepartout is closing in on the finish line, too.

Good news from Cool Change, after their finish, they were able to start their motor, so they have gone to the customs dock under their own power.

Passepartout is at Race Rocks

Just heard from Pete on Passepartout. They are coming through Race Rocks now. The finish line continues to be a busy place tonight!

Aja turned the corner at midnight

The last boat has now sailed into the Straits and is heading for the finish.  Aja was the last vessel to check in with Seattle Traffic and did so at about midnight.

Night falls and things get busy at Race Central

Both Wy'East and Cool Change have reported that they are through Race Rocks, so we should see them in an hour or two.  Both cruise ships just left their docks causing us to lose sight of Peregrine as they were heading to the finish.

Peregrine emerged from behind the finished their race at 00:12:48.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Peregrine is at Race Rocks

We just received a radio call from Peregrine.  They are at Race Rocks.  We're not sure they heard our radio reply.  Apparently they didn't, because they then gave us a phone call.  They think that either Cool Change or Wy'East are shortly behind them.  They are moving well in winds in the 25 knot range.

Passepartout has checked in

Passepartout checked in with Seattle VTS at 17:25 this evening, so Aja is the only boat that has not yet checked in

L'Orca finishes

L'Orca finishing just before dark at 20:01.27.

L'Orca at Race Rocks

L'Orca has passed Race Rocks and is doing 9 1/2 knots heading for the finish

Really Really Big Company

Umm Yup, pretty sure we have company

Uh Oh, I think we have company!

Peregrine update

Peregrine called and left us a message - at 5:15 pm, they were off Sambrio point and are hoping to arrive at the finish between 10 pm and midnight.

More on Cool Change's mechanical issues

I just spoke with Cool Change.  They are still sailing and did not go into Neah Bay.  Their starter has gone out and they are unable to start their engine.  They plan to continue to race and expect to arrive at the finish around 3 am if the wind continues to hold.

Ya Shure off motor and back to sailing

Ya Shure, our only cruising class boat this year called to let us know that they were finally crossing 124 and were south of Sheringham point. They said that they had to motor about 7 hours, but were back sailing in about 10 knots of wind.

The first day out was really rough!

It appears that the first day out on this race was tough on everyone. We lost Katzenjammer due to seasick crew. We just heard from Wy'East that Cool Change was going into Neah Bay with mechanical issues. Both California Girl and Wave Dancer had mechanical issues at the finish and couldn't go directly to customs. Frank told us that the waves were very confused and he wasn't surprised that folks were having both physical and mechanical issues.

Wave Dancer finishes

Wave Dancer finished this afternoon in brilliant sunshine and great wind.  Her finish time was 15:00:56.  They were a bit anxious to finish and the chute started to come down just before they crossed the line.

Recent boats checking in with VTS

Several boats have checked in with VTS this afternoon:
L'Orca at 11:50
Ya Shure at 14:16
Peregrine at 14:22 and
Cool Change at 14:22
It looks like a late night for the finish line.  We will be posting through out the night as boats finish.  We will try to photograph anyone who finishes in daylight.

Cool Change enters the Straits

Cool Change has entered the straits in light air.  They could see one sail quite aways ahead of them, but don't know which boat it is.

Report from offshore

I had a great chat with Frank this afternoon. He reports that Wy'East was about 20 miles from Tatoosh Island and within view of Cool Change. There were 2 boats ahead of them (who were not yet getting the wind). Cool Change was inshore of Wy'East and also in the wind. Last night everyone off the Washington coast drifted around with very little wind.

Sanitarium withdraws

Sanitarium called to let us know that she has withdrawn from the race. They said that they started their engine earlier this morning, but had not been able to reach RC to let us know. They were still 10 miles from Tatoosh Island when we spoke. They are going into Neah Bay for additional fuel, then to Pt. Angeles to drop off a crew member and will then come to Victoria.

California Girl finishes

California Girl finished in great style under chute.  She finished at 13:00:18.  Once she finished, she had a bit of a problem with her engine and wasn't able to head directly to the customs dock.  She spent a while sailing back and forth along the breakwater while Timm figured that he had impeller problems. She then headed to the customs dock.

L'Orca checks in

We just heard from L'Orca, she has rounded the corner and is now in the Straits.  They are doing about 8 knots on a broad reach with the chute up in about 13 knots of wind.  They say they are making about 6 knots over the ground bucking a bit of current.

Last night and early this morning, the wind was very low and they had to pick their way up the coast.  It finally filled in and they are doing well now.

Photos from the start

Our thanks to Jeff Duvall who took a couple of photos from his cell phone during the start.  Here the boats are off and racing.

Latest Report from Cal Gal

Victoria Lessley, of California Girl, left us a message at about 8:30 am this morning.

They are flying down the Straits under chute. They were about 4 miles from Sheringham point. Since we just got that message, it is likely that by now they have passed Sheringham headed our way. We expect to hear from them next when they reach Race Rocks.

Wave Dancer checked in with VTS

VTS tells us that Wave Dancer checked in with them this morning at 3:50 am. so they are now heading down the Straits to the finish.

Orizaba has finished

At 2:30:29 Orizaba finished the Oregon Offshore in fine style, moving quickly from the breakwater to the finish.

Cal Gal has turned the corner

We just checked in with Seattle VTS (such nice guys). They told us that California Girl has turned the corner into the Straits at about 1:08 am this morning.

Orizaba just got through Race Rocks

Orizaba has made it through Race Rocks.  They say they are moving well.  Here at the finish, the wind has been picking up all evening and is blowing pretty well.  We expect them at the finish in about an hour.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Some guys are really serious about this race!

The crew on Cool Change is really serious about bonding - here's one of them making sure that their tattoos really stick!

Rage has finished

Rage finished at 23:19.06 tonight.  She looked great, flying a chute and speeding across the line. 

The next boat expected in is Orizaba, but so far we have not heard that she has reached Race Rocks

Orizaba passes 124

Orizaba just let us know that they have just passed 124 and are heading our way

Rage due to clear Race Rocks in about 10 minutes

We just heard from Jackie on Rage.  They are screaming in to Race Rocks and expect to be through them in about 10 minutes.

Anam Cara Withdraws

We just received a call from Tom Kelly notifying us that Anam Cara is withdrawing. They have a crew member who needs to catch a plane at 9am on Saturday morning.

Rage now at Sheringham

We just heard from Rage. They are Sheringham Point doing 15 knots. If the wind holds they are expected to arrive in about 2 hours.

The OTHER way to get your boat to Victoria

Here's another less crew-intensive way to get your sailboat (or power boat) to Victoria.

This ship transport just arrived in Victoria at our dock this evening.  They offload the boats with the crane on the ship and drop them into the water beside the ship.

Three boats have entered the Straits

Just spoke with Seattle Traffic and they tell us that three Offshore boats have entered into the Straits.  Those boats are Rage, at about 5 pm, Orizaba and Anam Cara, both between 6 pm and 6:30 pm.

Report from Anam Cara

Tom Kelly called to tell us that Anam Cara is rounding Duntze Rock. They have good wind, about 10-12 knots, and they are making about 7 or 8 knots in slack current.

The last boat they saw was Orizaba in front of them this morning, but lost them.

Rage finally enters the Straits!

Steve just entered the Straits.  He says that Orizaba is behind them.  At this point they are making about 7 knots in about 14 knots of wind.  He says that they understand that there is more wind further up the straits.

Report from Peregrine

Steve called from Peregrine. They are now North of Destruction Island with sunny, cloudless skies and a nice breeze at about 12 knots with 16 apparent out of the north to northwest.

They said that L'Orca, Cool Change and Passepartout are behind them. They were looking for California Girl

Last night they saw winds as high as 24 knots.

Meet Ya Shure

Ya Shure, skippered by Norm Petersen is the Offshore's only cruising class boat this year. She is a 36' Ketch. Her previous owners sailed her around the world, taking 8 years to complete the circumnavigation. Norm bought her 10 years ago and has sailed her since. Norm is a member of the Sauvie Island YC, a club for cruising and liveaboard sailors.

Norm plans to retire and sail her north to BC and Alaska. He is an experienced sailor, having sailed off and on for 45 years. Everyone on the boat for this race has some offshore experience. Norm was a sport-fishing captain.

As many skippers have complained, the biggest problem they have experienced in getting ready for the Offshore is not enough time.

Thanks to all our Sponsors

CYC couldn't run this race without the support of all our sponsors:
Schooner Creek Boatworks
McCuddy's Marina
Columbia Crossings
West Marine
West Coast Sailing
Oregon Women's Sailing Assn.
North Sails, Oregon
Freshwater News
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Point of Sail
Newport Bay
Pizza Mia
Island Cafe

Thanks to all of you. CYC and the racing sailors really appreciate the support.

L'Orca is North of Gray's Harbor

L'Orca is currently north of Gray's Harbor, but still south of Destruction Island, carefully dodging crab pots, nets and fishing boats.

They report that the winds have calmed a bit to about 8 to 10 knots after getting 18-25 knots through the night.  Winds are now blowing out of the NW, after being northerly all night.

They last saw Peregrine and Cool Change at about 9 pm last night, when L'Orca tacked back to shore and they continued out to sea.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Katzenjammer has dropped out of the race

We just received a call from Katzenjammer.  They are dropping out of the race and returning to Astoria.  Apparently they are having unresolvable problems with seasickness. 

They were approximately 10 miles off shore and 20 miles north of the start when they turned around.  They had 15-20 knots of wind and about 4 feet of wind chop.  The wind was on the nose. 

They saw other boats ahead of them, all were moving well.

Rage about 50 miles from start at about 3 pm

Nancy Rander says that Rage was about 50 miles from the start at about 3 pm this afternoon.   They had 20 knots of wind, but it was right on the nose.

Summer wind has dropped out

RC got a call at about 3 pm this afternoon from Alan Bogulski on Summer Wind.  They have dropped out of the race and are safe back at the dock in Astoria.

They discovered water coming into the cabin when they were on Starboard tack and could not determine the source of the water.  Because of the water, Alan decided to return to port.

The race is off

Fifteen offshore boats started the race at Buoy 2 just outside the Columbia River this morning. Winds of 10-13 knots and bright sunny skies greeted the racers.

One boat was about 30 seconds early, but when no one followed, they discovered their mistake and managed to get back over the line before the start. Rage was a bit late at the start, but since they only got the boat in the water on Friday night, it's amazing that they even managed to make the race.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Boats are gathering for the race

A number of Portland area boats headed down the Columbia this weekend in preparation for the Offshore.  They had lovely weather although the rains have now started for those that are waiting until the last minute to head down.