Sunday, May 16, 2010

The last boat has finished

Our last boat finished this morning at 3:29:20.  Congratulations to Passepartout for making it through the race and finishing!

Final results will be announced at RVYC and then posted here.


Shirley UJest said...

Brilliant race to the 10 finishing boats!!! See you at the PA Ferry Landing this afternoon. ;-D

Shirley UJest said...

I met the Cool Change Crew in Port Angeles yesterday to help transport them back to Portland. They sang your praises for the hot towels, cookies and beer presented when they docked, even at 2:30am!!! I can hardly wait to be there for Swiftsure. Thanks for putting on such a great event!

Doug Schenk said...

Congrats! Great job on the blog!