Friday, May 14, 2010

L'Orca is North of Gray's Harbor

L'Orca is currently north of Gray's Harbor, but still south of Destruction Island, carefully dodging crab pots, nets and fishing boats.

They report that the winds have calmed a bit to about 8 to 10 knots after getting 18-25 knots through the night.  Winds are now blowing out of the NW, after being northerly all night.

They last saw Peregrine and Cool Change at about 9 pm last night, when L'Orca tacked back to shore and they continued out to sea.


Anonymous said...

Love the update! Go L'Orca!

Anonymous said...

Go, L'Orca, go! Evan and crew, can't wait to hear more! Sail like the wind! Oh, you are! (A little "3 Amigos" humor.) Love, Mom.

jkm said...

The L'Orca has a big mom's cheering section. I'm a L'Orca mom,too! Obsessively checking and this blog.

emersushea said...

I am so proud of you all for making through such a rough night. You guys rock and are doing great! Go L'Orca!!!

doog's parents said...

L'Orca sails! In the wind!and water!With such grace and beauty. Congrat's to L'Orca!!!! you did it.
mom and dad woods