Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer wind has dropped out

RC got a call at about 3 pm this afternoon from Alan Bogulski on Summer Wind.  They have dropped out of the race and are safe back at the dock in Astoria.

They discovered water coming into the cabin when they were on Starboard tack and could not determine the source of the water.  Because of the water, Alan decided to return to port.


KK said...

Bummer.... Mike, Trish and I are going to Victoria anyway. See you guys there.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm......sounds like a head thru-hull

Mike said...

My guess is hull/deck joint (I hope not). We still haven't come to a consensus on how high the water was. The level seems to change with the number of drinks one has consumed. But, it took about 20 minutes of electric pumping, manual pumping and bailing to get her dried out. I figure a couple hundred gallons. Once we unfurled the jib again and put the rail down, the water started coming in again.

rickypalm said...

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