Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye to L'Orca

I know many folks were wondering what happened with L'Orca after the whale strike.  She got her crew safely back to Astoria after being towed in by the Cape Disappointment Coast Guard. Ryan and Jerry Barnes took her back up the Columbia River to Portland, a two-day trip.

She has now been surveyed. Here's what Ryan had to say about the survey in his blog at L'Orca Racing:
"The forward bulkhead is cracked/fractured in multiple places, cracks throughout the inner headliner, cracks around starboard ports, cracks around keel bolts and severe keel bolt stress (think the keel might have hit the whale on the roll back), and complete through and through 3 foot crack on topside deck starboard bow side where the whale landed lengthwise."

He now says that she will be totaled. We will miss seeing her on the race course. She did a great job in caring for her skipper and crew.

L'Orca under tow from the Coast Guard on her way back to Astoria.

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