Friday, May 13, 2011

L'Orca hit by whale!!!

In an Oregon Offshore first, the ironically named L'Orca was hit by a whale when heading to the start this morning.

The first information we have is that an approximately 30' whale hit the starboard side of the boat taking out the lifelines and the rig. All 8 of the crew were in the cockpit at the time and the spinnaker was up.  All the crew is safe and no one was injured. We do know that they had to cut away their rig (making those annoying bolt cutters on the list of required equipment actually useful).

They were being escorted back to the West Basin in Astoria under Coast Guard escort.

We will post more as we hear the details from them.  Our cell phone coverage was spotty when they called to report, so hopefully when everyone has had a chance to catch their breath we will get more details.

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jacqueline said...

OMG. that's awful!! Glad the crew is alright. any news on how the whale fared?