Monday, May 16, 2011

CORRECTED Race Overall Rankings

I hope to get some assistance with the program we use to calculate results so that I can post the full results with elapsed and corrected times soon, but in the mean time, I've had several requests for the Overall rankings, so here they are:

Bum's Rush
California Girl
Cool Change
Anam Cara
Sol Pacifico

The D fleet was formidable this year, with five of its finishing boats in the top nine.


Robert said...

riva is on this list twice

Sue Burns said...

Oops, Fixed now. Thanks Robert.

Gary said...

Sol Pacifico? isn't listed on the list by fleet.

Rendesvous was DNF, right? Was it in D fleet? Should she be left off the list, or included? And everyone knows l'orca was an unfortunate DNF, I guess....?

Thanks for all your work on this! BTW: if you need help with a program, Kris Amundson, crew on my boat, Shamrock, is amazing at computer stuff....You have his contact info.

Sue Burns said...

You are correct that I accidentally left Sol Pacifico off the fleet list - she was last in your (D) fleet.

We do not list the boats that failed to start and those that failed to finish. They have not placed. They will show up on the final posting with the elapsed and corrected times. The problem I have is specifically with the program, but if I don't get help from the program's user group, I'll give your crew member a call.

devemaster said...

Thanks Sue and everyone else for making this one of my favorite race experiences in quite a while! :-)