Saturday, May 14, 2011


Around the time we were communicating with Sol Pacifico and waiting for her to finish, I received a couple of texts from the racers on Rendezvous.

6:05 pm "Update from Rendezvous.:  made 10 miles today 18 miles from finish.  Currently -1 knots towads finish. Will come in by 10 am sail or otherwise."

6:22 pm "Had a roundtable: decided to put in the iron wind. ETA 9:30"

All the racers are now in at the dock.

Tomorrow morning, we will have the redress hearing for the boats who stopped to help L'Orca and then enjoy the hospitality of Royal Victoria Yacht Club... this year, the BBQ is likely to be indoor, since the rain is projected to continue.  Our thanks to Andy McCann, who graciously offered to allow us to use Rya as the site for the hearing... not many boats in this fleet, and Rya will hold 15+ folks for a meeting.

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