Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skipper's meeting tonight

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Skipper's meeting tonight.  Doors to the Astoria Event Center open at 1800 hours and the Skipper's meeting and weather briefing start at 1830.


Doug Woods said...

Go L'Orca!!!

rauzer II said...

So what happened to the updates? Hope everyone is having a good race. Would not be surprised to hear Rage is in or close to Victoria.

Sue Burns said...

Updating fell victim to issues with the RC's internet connection here in Victoria (it took a technician about 4-5 hours to fix it today) and a disaster with Blogger, host of the blog, who was shut down for over 12 hours after a bad "maintenance" that resulted in posts that we had done being eliminated after they were posted. We are now back and blogging a fast as we can :)