Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy 21 minutes at the finish line

Anam Cara
So, we wait all weekend for a boat to finish and in the past 21 minutes, five of the A fleet boats finished. First across the line was Riva. Five minutes later, Kinetic finished with Time Bandit about 30 seconds behind her. Kinetic passed Time Bandit just inside the Odgen Point breakwater. Less than 10 minutes, Anam Cara crossed the line, followed about 8 minutes later by Kotuku.

While we were finishing these boats, we also heard from Passepartout. They are bypassing Victoria and motoring home. Rya is about 30-45 minutes out, also under power. Passepartout and Rya met up and Passepartout crew member Anna Campagna jumped ship to Rya. We expect to see them here shortly.

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