Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Information on Aja

Part of Aja's crew has come up to Victoria and brought us up to date on what happened with her. At about 4 pm on Thursday, they were sailing on port tack when they heard a loud bang. They looked around and could not find what caused the noise. They continued sailing in about 10 foot seas until Mike went down to the head. He discovered water pouring into the head compartment.

Further examination showed that the bulkhead was opening and closing, letting a lot of water in each time... and the head was on the windward side of the boat. He then discovered that the chain plate was no longer attached and was moving up and down. The skipper and crew immediately decided to stop racing and take appropriate measures to secure the boat and rig. They then turned around and went back to Astoria. They were all rather frustrated that they didn't make it up here by sailboat. We are glad to hear that a few of the crew came up anyway (something about Mother's Day trips to Victoria...).


Linda Sails said...

looks like Rya has also turned on an engine.. she is moving pretty quick

Anonymous said...

Rya has checked in with home. Rya survives rougue wave. Bimini and all electronics are out. Everyone is okay. They are heading to Victoria.

Crew family can call Libby (503)-849-5084