Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reports from Kinetic, Katzenjammer, Riva and Anam Cara

Ok, RC is back from dinner where we had a number of calls giving us updates.

Kinetic went through Race Rocks at about 7:15 pm. At 8:05 pm, David called to tell us he was about one hour out in very light and fluky air. At 9:05 pm, he called to tell us he is now anchored. We can see him just over the Ogden Point Breakwater. He plans to let us know when he pulls up the anchor and starts heading to the finish line.

Katzenjammer called to let us know they were dropping out of the race and motoring in. They said they may drop some crew off in Pt. Angeles before coming into Victoria (those who have to work on Monday). If they do not stop, they expect to get to Victoria around 3:00 pm. We will miss them at the party.

Riva called at 8:24 pm to let us know that he had passed through Race Rocks. He said they had their spinnaker up, but were counting on the current to move them since there was no wind.

Anam Cara called to let us know that they had just passed through Race Rocks at 9:03 pm. Tom said that he could see Riva about a mile away.

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