Saturday, May 11, 2013

Latest Updates

Morning all! RC here had to get a little sleep after a pretty late night of boats finishing. Here are the latest updates:

Rose Petals finished under motor this morning around 0400 hours.

Riva got stuck outside the Harbour for a while this morning, but finally crossed the finish line around 0600 hours this am.

Rya is approaching the finish and should be finishing in the next 20 minutes.

Panama Red called this morning and said they had to retire from racing and are motoring in after a couple of big knock downs that are worrisome for structural damage.

Looks like most of our boats have made the turn and are working their way down the Strait of Juan de Fuca!

Stay tuned, trophies are still up for grabs in many classes!


B2S said...

What's up with Free Bowl of Soup...reporting glitch?

Nessy 310 said...

The SPOT trackers delay in the reporting sometimes. You have to check the time stamp when scrolling over the yacht to see if it is current and if not, then just wait till it reports.

B2S said...

Still no idea where Free Bowl of Soup is lurking?