Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 Oregon Offshore Final Results!

Well sailors, RC is finally back stateside with internet access again and here are your much anticipated final results for the 2013 Oregon Offshore! I have calculated both fleet and overall results. Cruising class times in these tables are the corrected times as Sailwave was unable to show our custom corrected time for motoring and finish times. I will include those cruising actual finish times below.

Thanks to all our competitors, sponsors, volunteers, Astoria Yacht Club, and Royal Victoria Yacht Club for coming together to make a truly awesome Oregon Offshore come together! I will get more photos up from the race for your viewing pleasure. Thank You!

2013 Oregon Offshore Results by Fleet

2013 Oregon Offshore Overall Results

Cruising Class Results
Competitor Elapsed Time Corrected Time Place
Rya 71:46:00 95:27:06 1
Souffle 95:51:00 107:02:02 2
Rose Petals 65:51:00 113:48:08 3

Competitor Distance Motored (nm) Penalty (min)
Rya 60.94 1421.09
Souffle 33.60 671.03
Rose Petals 151.60 2877.13


Doug Schenk said...

Great job Ryan & volunteers! Great Oregon Offshore officially in the books.

MarineHQ.com said...

Excellent! Definitely will consider a sponsorship next year. Didn't know about this until the boats took off and a cousin was in the race.

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