Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Big boat pictures from this year's hospitality crew

Lisa Springfield, Darcy Vershoor, and Ben Powers of this year's Oregon Offshore hospitality crew were kind enough to send us these pictures of Neptune's Car and Rage upon their arrivals in Victoria.

CYC would like to thank these folks, on behalf of all our racers, for their hard work at the docks in Victoria. We got fantastic feedback about their efforts and the great welcome they gave each boat.

We'd also like to thank Carolyn Martin for her help with fundraising, Kathy Kershner for her help organizing at various race events, and Emily Shea for putting in a ton of effort and putting up with Ryan for three days at the finish line. We can't do it without volunteers like them.

For the rest of the finish line pictures, follow the links from our previous post. You can also still buy 2013 merchandise here.