Monday, April 28, 2014

Victoria Harbour - Customs and Moorage Reservations

Hello racers,

Please be sure to make reservations for moorage at the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority before the race begins. Each boat will need a reservation despite arriving as part of the Oregon Offshore group. You'll receive a reduced rate if you pay by credit card before the race, or if you pay upon arrival. Reservations can be made here.

Please also note there is a new customs dock! You can find more information about it here.

Superceded Chart for Victoria Harbour

Hello racers!

We've received notice that one of our required charts for this year is out of date. (See the Notice of Race, Section 8.2.) Canadian chart 3415 (Victoria Harbour) has been replaced by Canadian chart 3412.

We'll require 3412 next year, and we strongly recommend you have it on board instead of 3415 this year.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

More updates for West Basin Moorage in Astoria

There will be a cruise ship at the West Basin moorage on May 8 (the first day of our race), so the parking lot at the marina office on Pier 1 will be closed for parking starting Wednesday night, May 7. There will be parking available in the lot by the Chinook building and in the overflow lot across the railroad tracks.

Plan accordingly!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crew Waivers

Hello Racers!

Some of you have had questions about what to do with the crew waivers... Please give them to your skippers, who should email them all together to if they can do so before the Skippers' Meeting. Otherwise, they should bring them (all together) to the Skippers' Meeting.

Thank you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Big year for the Oregon Offshore

The Kickoff Party last night was a success... packed room at Rogue Hall with fun raffles including gift certificates, foul weather gear, and a GoPro! We also received a few more entries, for a total of 31 received or in the mail.

Unfortunately, Skipper Gil MacGregor has decided not to race his Child of the Mist, but that still leaves us with 30 boats. We're excited!

The newest entrants include Siren, Wave Dancer, KokopelliCalifornia Girl, and Ocelot, and we're told that Neptune's Car and Sol Pacifico mailed their entries yesterday, which qualify them for racing. Click on the links for more information about each boat.

We'd also like to give a shout out to Chris Schweiger and Jeff McDonald of Panama Red for being the first skipper(s) to return their entire crew list and crew waivers all together. Skippers, please collect those and get them to us as soon as possible (no later than the Skippers' Meeting on May 7).

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Comparing Radar Reflector Performance

Hello Oregon Offshore Sailors!

Please take a look at some information concerning tests done regarding the abilities of certain types of radar reflectors.

Please be aware that certain types do not meet PIYA's requirements.

See you tomorrow at the Kickoff Party!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tabu - Farr 44

Tabu is a Farr 44 skippered by Jim Leonard, hailing from Seattle, WA. She has a PHRF rating of 30.

You can find more info and pictures about this pretty and fast boat by clicking here.

Katzenjammer - C&C 34

An Oregon Offshore regular, Katzenjammer hails from Portland, OR, and has a PHRF rating of 147. Her skipper is Jim Calnon.

Photo credits Dena Kent.

Ion - Beneteau 43

Ion will race again. She's a Beneteau 43 hailing from Nanaimo, British Columbia, with lots of blue-water racing experience at this point.

This will be skipper Bill Jones' second year racing the Oregon Offshore, this time with a revised PHRF-NW rating of 105.

Cool Change - C&C 38

Cool Change is a C&C 38 owned by seasoned Oregon Offshore racer Frank Noragon. She has a PHRF rating of 144 and hails from Portland, OR.

Photo credits Dena Kent.

Five more boats!

In the last few days, we've received entries from five more boats, for a total of 24 so far.

  • Cool Change, a C&C 38 hailing from Portland, OR. She rates 144 and is skippered by Frank Noragon. 
  • Ion, a Beneteau 43 hailing from Nanaimo, BC. She rates 105 and is skippered by 2nd-time Oregon Offshore racer Bill Jones. 
  • Kaos, our second Santa Cruz 27 entry, hailing from Seattle, WA. She rates 156 and is skippered by H. James Parker. (We hear rumors that two or three more will enter)
  • Katzenjammer, a C&C 34 hailing from Portland, OR. She rates 147 and is skippered by CYC member Jim Calnon.
  • Tabu, a Farr 44 hailing from Seattle, WA. She rates 30 and is skippered by Jim Leonard. 

Please note we've also updated the Oregon Offshore Race Packet (2nd Amendment), which can be downloaded here. The entry deadline is in just a few days (April 21), so be sure to get your entry postmarked by then. Or, bring it to us at the Kickoff Party!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crew Waivers Required Beginning in 2014


Please note that this year, all crew members will be required to sign a waiver of liability to be eligible to participate in the race. You can find the waiver by clicking on the link under Race Information at the left of the screen.

And check back today or tomorrow for updates on more boats who've entered the race. Thank you!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kickoff Party Location has Changed!

Hello Offshore-goers!

Next Monday is the registration deadline for the race, and the famously fun Oregon Offshore Kickoff Party. We'll be at a different venue than you see in the Notice of Race, so be sure to show up at 1830 hours at ROGUE HALL in downtown Portland. The address is 1717 SW Park Ave, and PSU has a parking structure between 11th and 12th on Mill that may suit your needs.

As always, we'll have Oregon Offshore t-shirts and ladies' tanks for sale, along with food and beverage available for purchase. And don't forget about our awesome raffle. We've got some great prizes this year, so you don't want to miss it.

Bring us your registration then, or have it postmarked by that date to enter the race. See you next week!

Anam Cara - J-122

Anam Cara hails from Portland, OR, and has a PHRF rating of 42. Skippered by Tom Kelly, she won First Overall in 2013.

Photo credits Sean Trew.

Free Bowl of Soup - J-105

Free Bowl of Soup is preparing to race in Oregon Offshore, Swiftsure, and Pac Cup this year. She hails from Portland, OR, and has a PHRF rating of 93. The Soup has three whole skippers: Eric Hopper, Doug Schenk, and Matt Davis.

Photo credits Dena Kent.

Cantata - Ericson 38-1

Let's welcome Cantata to the race...

This is skipper Tom Brownson and wife Liz Bartell's first Offshore. Tom has raced Bridge to Bridge three times, and last year, he raced on Aja with Rich Elstrom. Cantata is an Ericson 38-1 with a PHRF rating of 147, and she hails from Astoria, OR.

Aja - Ericson 35-2

Rich Elstrom has raced many an Offshore aboard his Aja, an Ericson 35-2. They'll be back this year, with a PHRF rating of 150.

Photo Credits Kristin Covert.

19 Strong

Hello Oregon Offshore fans and racers,

We have received four more entries, including two Ericsons hailing from Astoria, OR:

  • Aja, an Ericson 35-2 skippered by Rich Elstrom. She has a PHRF rating of 150. 
  • Cantata, an Ericson 38-1, skippered by Thomas Brownson. This one rates 147. 

We've also received an entry from Free Bowl of Soup, a J-105 hailing from Portland, OR. Skippers are Eric Hopper, Doug Schenk, and Matt Davis, and the boat rates 93. The fourth we received this weekend was last year's First Overall, Anam Cara. Skipper Tom Kelly (hailing from Portland, OR), has put together another rockstar crew to try to do it again. She rates 42.

We have only one week left to accept entries... Make sure they're postmarked by April 21, or delivered to CYC by the Kickoff Party that evening. The location of the Kickoff Party is TBD, so check back for updates.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blade Runner has entered the race!

Blade Runner will race her second year in a row with skipper Ward Naviaux at the helm. Hailing from Bellingham, WA, this Santa Cruz 27 has a PHRF rating of 159.

Photo credits Jan Anderson.