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J Boat News Highlights Winners in 2014 Oregon Offshore

Here's the link:


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Another cool video... this one from Panama Red

We've received an awesome new video of the 2014 Oregon Offshore race aboard Panama Red! Check it out:

Oregon Offshore Race - Bag delivery to Sitka Shop Victoria from Truce Designs on Vimeo.

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2014 Oregon Offshore T-shirts still available in limited sizes and styles

Oregon Offshore racers and fans: it's not too late to buy a t-shirt to remember this year's epic race.  We have limited quantities in the following styles and sizes:

Silver Long Sleeve Tech ($30)

Grey Short Sleeve Tech ($30)
S, M

White Long Sleeve Cotton ($25)

Beige Short Sleeve Cotton ($20)

White/Grey Ladies' Racerback Tank ($25)

The Men's shirts feature the Oregon Offshore logo on the left breast and the 2014 Oregon Offshore graphic on the back.  The ladies' tank features the graphic on the front.

Contact membership@cycportland.org to place an order.

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New Video Just In From the J-42 Velocity!

"Velocity is the rate of change of the position of an object, equivalent to a specification of its speed and direction of motion."

Lots of boats came a long way to do this race this year; Tom Keffer brought his J-42 "Velocity" and crew to this year's 38th Annual CYC Oregon Offshore sailing race all the way from Hood River, Oregon.

If you think it was windy on this race, go to Hood River someday, preferably with your kiteboard... Great video Velocity, you certainly lived up to your name.

Make sure to watch this video to the very end, I love the universal sailors' post-race, onboard celebration... classic! Well-deserved, Velocity!

Oregon Offshore Blog from Sailing Anarchy


What did the wind actually look like?

A couple days ago, we posted an advance weather report from the day before this year's race. Well, we've now received some very detailed data from one of our competitors, Steve Smolinske of the Catalina 38 Peregrine, and we're posting for all to see the true wind speeds (red) and the boat speeds (blue) that Peregrine experienced throughout this year's very short race.

Thanks for sharing, Steve!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Video From 2nd Place PHRF Overall Winner Free Bowl of Soup

This is another great onboard clip from this year's 38th Annual CYC Oregon Offshore sailing race, courtesy of the J/105 Free Bowl of Soup, PHRF Class B Winner and 2nd Overall in PHRF Class this year.
I love how these guys give us a variety of camera angles in this clip, including an underwater view at 1:43 minutes in.

Thanks guys!  It's a little like watching sailing sausage being made, it may not always be pretty but the end results are great! Documented boat speeds on this video exceed 13+ knots at times... The top speed reported by Soup through the water was 16.5; speed over ground 17.4. Nothing like a hot Soup on a cold day!

Here's a quote from Co-captain Doug Schenk about the race: "Good times; well, actually epic times."

Free Bowl of Soup 2014 Oregon Offshore from Shortcake Photography on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Perfect Storm - 24 Hour Advance Weather Report For 2014 Oregon Offshore

It is being said that the wind conditions were near perfect for this year's race; here's the National Weather Service 24 hour advance weather report for the 2014  38th Annual CYC Oregon Offshore Sailing Race:

Gale Watch

825 AM PDT WED MAY 7 2014

825 AM PDT WED MAY 7 2014







Sailing Anarchist Gives Props to Blade Runner, Deservedly

There are so many great stories from this year's Oregon Offshore that it's hard to settle on what was actually the best part of the race. Sailing Anarchy is a great, no bull, sailing website for sailors worldwide - particularly racers -  and always tells it like it is.

They just posted a great article about Oregon Offshore, deservedly featuring Ward Naviaux's Santa Cruz 27 & Overall PHRF Corrected time winner in this year's 38th Annual CYC Oregon Offshore race.

Those guys in SoCal have a lot of racing to cover in their own backyard and around the globe, so it's a real honor to get the Sailing Anarchists to dedicate their time to a race this far North; Here's the write-up, courtesy of famed offshore & one-design sailor, Scott Tempesta:


Great job again Blade Runner; you deserve all the ink you can get for this victory! Maybe we'll draw some SoCal boats up to the NW for next year's race... And with the new IRC Class established in this year's race, it's a strong possibility.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This Just In: Onboard Video From the Cal 40 California Girl

Here's a 10 minute video onboard Timm & Victoria Lessley's Cal 40 California Girl, PHRF Class C Winner, racing in the 2014 Oregon Offshore.

Some great driving is exhibited in this video, watch the bow follow the wave pattern like a symphony in motion. She rides nicely in the short, deep wave troughs.

Notice everyone onboard is harnessed up? Safety first!

Great well deserved celebration upon arrival! This video documents boat speed in excess of 14 knots, that's rollin' up the track pretty good for this ol' girl...

More Offshore Photos - From Victoria

Thanks to Paige Berry of CYC for these photos from this year's Oregon Offshore; great pre-race & post-race shots:


Neptune's Car Onboard Video

Here's a clip of the Santa Cruz 70 Neptune's Car breaking 21+ knots of boatspeed on their way to a record breaking finish... Fast is definitely Fun!

The "Wizard" Bill Lee pumped some pretty nice designs out of that chicken coop in Santa Cruz... Here's a cool video courtesy of Santa Cruz Race Week about the man behind the Santa Cruz 27 & 70. Check it out!


Oregon Offshore Pictures - Crew Photos

Great memories, Courtesy again of Maria Swearingen:


Anam Cara

Photos courtesy of Maria Swearingen:


Ha Ha, Committee Boat At the Start

Courtesy of Maria Swearingen:


I love the dramatic music!

Thanks again to Captain Mike Cassinelli and crew aboard the Coho Sally for their support of the Oregon Offshore; if you ever fish out of Ilwaco, look up captain Mike. He's a pro!

Free Bowl of Soup

Free Bowl of Soup, courtesy of Maria Swearingen; again, love the music!

Couldn't resist this Caddyshack clip!:


Siren, Courtesy of Maria Swearingen:



Shamrock, Courtesy of Courtesy of Maria Swearingen:


Pre-Start Jitters?

We didn't want to tell anyone about this, knowing that the crew of Tabu quickly recovered, but the photo leaked. Maybe they are doing yoga or some sort of new Danish hiking technique?!?

All kidding aside, powerful pic. This was just before the start near the Columbia River Bar; now you know why harnesses and jack lines are required on this race.


Photo credit to Maria Swearingen

Oregon Offshore On Facebook

Check out these Facebook entries by photographer Maria Swearingen. Maria was out with us on the start boat and it was REALLY difficult to get clear shots of the race; great effort Maria!


Pressure Drop Race Re-Cap: One For The Record Books: The 2014 Oregon Offshore

Here is an excellent re-cap of the Oregon Offshore re-printed with permission from a great NW sailing website, Pressure-drop.us:


Check it out! Great write up with photos; thanks Pressure Drop! We love the Seattle area sailors coming out for Oregon Offshore each year!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Top 3 PHRF Spots Overall: or, How The Soup Got Sandwiched

Top finishers on elapsed time are always exciting, but let's talk about the top 3 CORRECTED TIME PHRF Fleet winners in this year's Oregon Offshore sailing race;

BLADE RUNNER, the Santa Cruz 27 out of Bellingham, WA and skippered by Ward Naviaux & crew was the TOP PHRF CORRECTED TIME FINISHER at 15 hours, 17 minutes & 31 seconds. They won this race... smallest boat wins the whole enchilada; sort of amazing. Great job BLADE RUNNER!

FREE BOWL OF SOUP, the J/105 from Portland and winner of PHRF Class B, had a corrected time of 15 hours, 33 minutes and 53 seconds.

KOKOPELLI, another Santa Cruz 27 skippered by Eric Collins of Portland, had the 3rd best corrected time. She didn't register on the tracker for much of the race, but her corrected time was 15 hours, 37 minutes and 24 seconds.

When the breeze holds, smaller boats often have an advantage on corrected time, frustrating for some bigger boats at times but inevitable under the handicapped rating system.

These were the only 3 boats in the race with corrected times under 16 hours, and clearly earned their victories.

Soup missed the record elapsed time by just under two hours, and Blade Runner finished in just a little  under one day with Koko just about 20 minutes behind. Free Bowl of Soup corrected over Kokopelli by just about 3 and 1/2 minutes... over 193 miles! Blade Runner corrected out by about 15 minutes over the Soup; close racing!

Two lessons learned here; fast IS fun, and there is such a thing as a Soup sandwich!

Okay, I said I'd cover just the top three, but 4-10 deserve honorable mention too!

4th Overall on Corrected Time was California Girl, the Cal 40 sailed by Timm & Victoria Lessley. I love these boats! They also took top honors in PHRF Class C. Timm & Victoria made it into Victoria in less than 1 day, finishing in about 23 & 1/2 hours.

5th Overall on corrected time, 3rd boat to finish the race and 1ST OVERALL IN CLASS IRC AND SMASHING THE COURSE RECORD with an elapsed time of 17 hours, 24 minutes and  59 seconds was the Fox 44 OCELOT built at Schooner Creek and sailed by Kevin Flanigan & crew from Portland. This nocturnal hunter finished the race before midnight of the first day. Like their elusive namesake in the wild, OCELOT crept up the course in the shadow of much larger boats, then pounced at Race Rocks and devoured the finish line like it was a quivering rodent. The only boat under 50 feet to EVER finish Oregon Offshore in sub 20 hour time, this record might stand for a long time.  That includes a slightly delayed start after a pre-start "bump"; Ocelot had to actually come back to the line and re-start, sending her off the line close to dead last (I think they were mixing Bloody Mary's on Souffle a few yards astern of Ocelot). Grrrrr...

6th, 7th & 8th places Overall go to A Fleet winners Time Bandit, Riva & Anam Cara respectively. These guys had tight racing all the way up the track and finished early in the a.m., so I missed some crucial coverage at the finish. None of these veteran boats has ever finished this course as fast as this year's race. Great job A Fleet!

9th Overall goes to Neptune's Car, a race veteran who almost found top  gear, and one of the most venerable challengers in the competition. ICON doesn't have a PHRF rating apparently (really, ICON?) but I'll give them an honorary unofficial top ten because they smoked the elapsed time record, with Passepartout the officially recorded 10th place overall PHRF winner.

Great job again to ALL competitors in this year's race.

This Just In: You Want Soup?!? You Can Have Soup!

Here's another GREAT video from Oregon Offshore!

Thanks to the crew aboard the 2nd OVERALL ON CORRECTED TIME PHRF FINISHER Free Bowl of Soup.

These videos show just how "chunky" the seas were as the fleet pushed North on a southerly breeze.

Reportedly, there is more video footage to follow from the guys on the J/105 Free Bowl of Soup.
Owners Doug Schenk, Eric Hopper & Matt Davis and crew from Portland deserve huge kudos for winning PHRF B fleet by more than 4 & 1/2  hours over the next competitor in their class, and ALMOST breaking the course record as well. Great job guys, way to represent the local J fleet!

Great creativity on the camera angles, btw.

Share Your Stories & Videos from the 2014 38th Annual CYC Oregon Offshore Sailing Race

Do you have an interesting story, picture, onboard or shoreside video from this year's 38th Annual CYC Oregon Offshore?

If so, please send it to us at race.captain@cycportland.org and we'll try to post it on the site.

Thanks again to everyone, let's start sharing and re-telling those great stories from the 2014 CYC Oregon Offshore sailing race!

Icon's Record Setting Passage On Video

I can't say enough about Icon's record setting performance in this year's CYC 38th Annual Oregon Offshore sailing race, so I'll let their onboard video tell the story.

You GOTTA check this out!

Ha ha, that's less than 5 minutes of the race. Check out the Deception Island jacuzzi at 4:09. That smile on the grinder's face says it all! Think THEY'RE having fun?!?

I wish I could see the boat speed reading at 5:01 in the video; they're smokin'!

Quality operation, Icon. Click here for their website. 

Click here for a great write-up from pressure-drop.us on Icon's voyage.

Thanks again to GoPro for being a gold sponsor of this year's race and for continuing to develop the onboard video technology that provides all of this cool footage!

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Final results are here!

The shuttles to the barbecue tomorrow at Royal Victoria Yacht Club will run from the Inner Harbour at 10:30am and 11:15am, and will leave RVYC for the return to the marina at 1pm and 1:45pm, so folks can make the 4pm ferry. 

Join us!

Class Winners

Hello Offshore racers and fans,

Here are the winners of each class. Complete results will be posted soon. 

IRC: Ocelot
Cruising: Souffle
PHRF A: Time Bandit
PHRF B: Free Bowl of Soup
PHRF C: California Girl
PHRF D: Wy'East
Santa Cruz 27: Blade Runner

First to Finish: Icon (with a new course record of 14:56:20)
First Overall: Blade Runner


Room Available at Surf Motel for tonight.

Race central has been abandoned due to the excellent sailing of this years offshore fleet. This 3rd floor room with two queen beds can be claimed by contacting the Surf Motel at 290 Dallas Road, Victoria  250-386--3305.  Cheers!

The room is gone!

Oregon Offshore Wrap Up

  • 30 Boats entered the race;
  • 29 Boats made it to the start;
  • 1 entrant Did Not Compete (Did Not Start);
  • 1 entrant Retired/Withdrew from the race due to equipment failure and returned safely to port;
  • 28 Boats finished the race and are safely moored in Victoria.
  • All 2014 Oregon Offshore entrants are present and accounted for.

Thanks again to all for what was truly an amazing race.
See you again next year!

CYC 2014 Race Captain

Souffle in Victoria Possible Offshore Record

Souffle is our one "cruising class" entry and could not use a spinnaker. she is our last boat to finish at 2:02:20 Saturday morning.

Having all boats finished within 41 hours and 52 minutes may also be a new Offshore record along with Icon finishing in 15 hours and 6 minutes.

To all skippers & crew good race and enjoy your extra day in Victoria!

Souffle: 1300 Hours Position Update - Finish Line Alert!


Finish Alert - Souffle on track for an approximate 2 am finish time

Winds are WSW, blowing 12 knots at Race Rocks as of midnight.

Where Can You Find a Souffle at Midnight in Canada?

Souffle's midnight position puts her at Race Rocks, within 11 miles of the finish line of the Oregon Offshore at Victoria Harbour. At this pace (5.8 knots boat speed), Souffle is predicted to finish between 1:45 and 2 a.m. on Saturday, 5/10/2014.

We'll see if she can hold her speed through the early morning. It's a straight shot from Souffle's current position to the finish line in the 38th annual 2014 Oregon Offshore sailing race!

Update at 12:11 a.m.: Souffle is making a wide turn according to her midnight position... or heading southeasterly?! She may be heading to an alternate destination given that Souffle IS the only entry in the cruising division.

We'll try to get clarification from folks closer to the finish area...

Friday, May 9, 2014

Souffle 11 pm Position Update

Souffle is less than 20 miles from the finish line now, getting closer to Race Rocks, and on track for a midnight rounding.

Souffle is currently registering 4+ knots of boat speed in 10-11 knots of westerly wind.

It's time for the Souffle, we've already finished the Soup!

Souffle Position Update: 10 pm

Souffle has reported her position as of 9:50 pm just south and abeam of Sooke Harbor, making a steady 4.5 knots in a southeasterly direction towards Race Rocks and the turn towards the finish.

They're going a little faster, must be at least a little anxious to get to Victoria after two full days at sea. Winds are reportedly westerly at 6-10 knots.

Record Breaking Year! Oregon Offshore 2014 - 36 Hours After the Start

As Souffle heads towards the finish line to close the door on the 2014 Oregon Offshore sailing race, the Corinthian Yacht Club of Portland would like to extend thanks again to all of the participants, and congratulate everyone on a fantastic race this year in the 38th running of the CYC Oregon Offshore.

Starting in good ol' Oregon "Liquid Sunshine" and 20-25 knot southerlies, the wind built steadily on day one to over 30 knots of true breeze, swinging around to a stiff westerly direction conveniently as the majority of the fleet hit the turn at Cape Flattery.

If there ever was a "perfect storm" for the Oregon Offshore, this was it.

We at CYC are most appreciative of the professionalism, preparation, tenacity and true grit of all the participants in this year's race, they successfully challenged their boats, skills and nerves in the most grueling Oregon Offshore in many years, maybe ever in the 38 year history.

Congratulations again to all racers and remember; it's never too early to start planning for next year's race!

What? It is too early? ...Ok, got it!

Flamingo Chris
2014 CYC Race Captain

Record Setting Year at the 2014 Oregon Offshore Makes the News

This is a re-cap from Scuttlebutt Sailing News:

Kevin Welch’s 65′ Custom Bob Perry carbon fiber sled "Icon"crossed the finished line at 23:06:20 on Thursday, May 8th 2014 giving her an unofficial elapsed time of 14:56:20 – beating the 2000 record set by Steve Rander's "Rage" by 4:50:21.

Also beating the record were the Santa Cruz 70 "Neptune’s Car", which crossed at 23:13:20, and the Fox 40 "Ocelot" which crossed at 23:29:32.

The Final Course at this Year's Oregon Offshore will be a Nice Souffle...

As previously noted, ETA for sailing vessel Souffle, the Cal 34 owned by Phil Lewis of Portland, is now midnight at Race Rocks; rumor has it they are traveling in style... the perfect finish for a great race!

Winds have abated to WSW at 10-15 knots. Boat speeds on Souffle are currently reporting at between 3.5 and 4 knots.

UPDATE on Souffle

Souffle has reset their transponder and is back transmitting their position. Their estimated time of arrival at race rocks is midnight tonight.

It's better to finish a Souffle at night than to let it fall! Thankfully, everyone on board is safe.

Sol Pacifico and Wave Dancer arrive at Victoria

Sol Pacifico and Wave Dancer had a race to the finish with Sol Pacifico finishing at 18:55:02 and Wave Dancer finishing just 31 seconds behind at 18:55:33.

Cruising Class Update - You are NEVER Losin' When You're Cruisin'; Souffle is Back on the Board!

Souffle has had a position update!

Just in time, momma was gettin' a little worried... the Souffle crew are located just Southwest of Point No Point on the Canada side of the Strait, heading towards Race Rocks at 2.7 knots of boat speed and riding the flood tide to the finish.

Updated at 18:32.

What's Happening at Latitude 48° 22.02' N ?

Wave Dancer is coming on strong, may pass Sol Pacifico by the finish; abre su ojos Sol Pacifico. Arribe en el puerto muy pronto...

Finish Alert - 34 Hours Into the 2014 Oregon Offshore: Sol Pacifico and Wave Dancer Approaching Victoria Harbour Now

Never finish a Souffle in the dark I always say... looks like the last two boats with known positions - Sol Pacifico & Wave Dancer are nearing the finish. It's totally appropriate to finish the race of with a nice Souffle, hopefully before sunset.

The pace has slowed slightly with winds Westerly at 15 knots heading towards the finish line; flood tide should help finish the remaining boats.

Down to the Wire

Shamrock and Aja appear to have finished the race, Wave Dancer has taken the inside track at Race Rocks and is heading towards the finish.

Sol Pacifico should finish shortly...unsure the location of Souffle, position tracker not reporting.

Aja and Shamrock in Port

Aja and Shamrock crossed the finish line at 17:11:05 and 17:21:00.

There are two more boats on the horizon ...

Katzenjammer now in Victoria

SV Katzenjammer just crossed the finish line in Victoria Harbor (16:50:38).

We have visual contact with Aja  and Shamrock.
The weather today has gotten progressively better as the day has progressed. With the tide change at 17:30, the remaining boats should be in port soon.

5 pm Oregon Offshore Update

Katzenjammer appears to have finished;
Shamrock & Aja  are nearing the finish, estimated within 1 hour;
Sol Pacifico has rounded Race rocks and is approximately 11 mile from the finish line heading for Victoria Harbour;
Wave Dancer is nearing Race Rocks;
The tide is turning from ebb to slack to flood in the next hour;
Wind are reported westerly at Race rocks at 17 knots.
Souffle's position is unreported.

Finish Alert - Shamrock & Aja Approaching Victoria Harbour Now

Hot on the heels of Katzenjammer, D Fleet should be a close race all the way to the finish line.

Aja currently appears to have a slight lead over Shamrock, with less than 5 miles to go.

Sol Pacifico is rounding outside of Race Rocks and making the Northerly turn towards Victoria; it won't be long now and the 2014 Oregon Offshore will conclude for PHRF D fleet... a race to remember for sure.

Finish Alert - Katzenjammer Approaching Victoria Harbour Now and PHRF D Fleet Update

Katzenjammer should be finishing before 5 pm, watch for the great finish photo soon!

Aja appears to have passed outside of Shamrock to take a slight lead streaking towards the finish. They will finish shortly behind Katzenjammer at this pace... should be a great time to be standing at the Lightship to watch the finish.

Sol Pacifico is nearing Race Rocks, soon to make the turn towards the finish line with Wave Dancer not far behind.

Souffle is the only other remaining boat on the course, their position is anyone's guess.

Kaos crosses finish

Kaos crossed the finish line at 16:02:40.

Oregon offshore 4 PM Update

SC 27 Kaos is heading towards the finish with less than 2 miles to go;

C & C 34 Katzenjammer leads Yankee 30 Shamrock and Ericson 35-2 Aja with less than 10 miles to go;

Sol Pacifico is approaching Race Rocks;

Wave Dancer is abeam of Sooke Harbour;

Tide changes from ebb to flood around 5:30 pm;

Souffle's position has not been recently updated;

Winds are reported westerly at Race Rocks, blowing 20 knots.

Finish Alert - Santa Cruz 27 Kaos Approaching Victoria Harbour Now

The next boat to finish should be Kaos, the final SC 27.

Look for an updated photo from the finish line soon...

Katzenjammer Jams the Turn Tight and Takes the Lead

Katzenjammer, following the track of the SC 27 Kaos, has taken the lead on an inside route at Race Rocks.

Aja appears to be taking the outside route, with Shamrock going down a middle track; all boats are at the turn and it should be an exciting finish for this hard fought PHRF D fleet battle... where you buck the tide at the turn could make the difference in the race.

Sol Survivor

SolPacifico, the Catalina 470 out of Seattle sailed by Randall Barnes and crew, is close behind the three lead D fleet PHRF boats and  is now past the entrance to Sooke Harbour.

Shouldn't be long now before all of D fleet is at the dock in Victoria.

D Fleet Dominance - Who Will Reach Race Rocks First?


Post your guess...

Next Finisher? - Kaos Is At The Turn!

The Santa Cruz 27 Kaos is taking the turn tight; they're just off of Bentinck Island now, making way towards the finish in fine fashion at 7.8 knots per last report. Shouldn't be long before they get a well deserved hot shower.

D Fleet Update - Battle In the Strait... Room At The Mark?

Gary Bruner's Yankee 30 Shamrock and Jim Calnon's C & C 34 Katzenjammer are virtually tied heading towards Race Rocks at identical speeds of 5.3 knots, with Katzenjammer still on the northernmost track.

That's not the news in PHRF D fleet however; Aja, the Ericson 35 skippered by Rich Elstrom, appears to have taken the lead over both Shamrock AND Katzenjammer, making progress at 5.9 knots boat speed towards the Race Rocks turn as of last report.

What is it about C & C's? They always seem to sail faster when they are in Canada...

Kaos at race rocks

Kaos, the final Santa Cruz 27 to finish, has been reported at race rocks.

Santa Cruzin to Race Rocks

The Santa Cruz 27 Kaos, sailed by Jim Parker and crew from Seattle, are streaking towards Race Rocks now at a healthy 6.5 knots. Kaos has pulled ahead of the D fleet pack, and should reach Race Rocks in the next hour or two at their current pace.

This has been a particularly arduos race for all boats, but the three SC 27's have made a strong statement, all finishing (or nearly finishing) the race under very difficult conditions.
Kudos to the SC 27 Fleet; Fast IS Fun!

WyEast makes it to Victoria

WyEast crossed the finish line at 14:11:20.

How far North & East is Wyeast?

The Cascade 36 Wyeast has not updated it's position tracker since 12:12 this afternoon.

Various reports put her at Race Rocks at around 11 am and again around 12:45 pm.

Assuming the more conservative time, she should be across, at or nearing the finish now. Look for an updated photo soon...

Cruising Class Update - Is The Souffle Done?

There is one stalwart participant representing the cruising class in this year's Oregon Offshore, the Cal 34 "Souffle" sailed by Phil Lewis and crew out of Rose City YC in Portland.

Last updated position for Souffle was just after 8 am this morning, but they have to be closer to the finish by now. As soon as an updated position is available, we'll post the news.

Remember, you're never losin' when you're cruisin'...

Katzenjammer Making Their Move?

As previously posted, Katzenjammer has been sailing the most northerly course in D fleet down the strait; that strategy may now be paying off.

Approaching Sooke Harbour, Katzenjammer is registering boat speeds at 5.2 knots, while Aja and Shamrock are in a virtual dead heat and are just south of Katzenjammer, making easterly progress all at under 4.5 knots of boat speed. Sol Pacifico is hot on their heels...

Whoever gets to Race Rocks first is anyone's guess at this point, then there's plenty of course left to the finish.

The SC 27 has moved out in the lead of the pack, with Wave Dancer not far behind the boats in D fleet.

Winds are registering only 11 knots per Sailflow from the W at Sheringham Point at 1 pm, but 25 from the WSW at Race Rocks at 1 pm. It's going to get interesting this afternoon...

War In the Strait Update

PHRF Class D boats continue to battle a tight race as they pass Sheringham Point.

The pace has slowed, as winds have abated to around 11 knots at Sheringham, still from the W.
Shamrock appears to still hold a tight lead on the D fleet pack, with the SC 27 Kaos at her side.

Katzenjammer, Aja and Sol Pacifico are virtually at the same longitude, with Katzenjammer being the most northerly boat.

Katzenjammer has sailed the most northerly track in the fleet, we'll see how that strategy pays off as they approach the turn at Race Rocks.

Tide changed from flood to ebb around Noon, boats will be bucking an ebb tide until around 5:30 pm slowing the pace slightly, but with the wind holding, a minor tidal flow change of <1 foot should prove relatively negligible.

We'll see...

Avalon and Peregrine finish

Avalon crossed the finish line at 12:10:30 with Peregrine close behind at 12:20:46.

Race Rocks Update - Wyeast Preparing To Make The Turn Towards the Finish

Roughly 28 hours into the 2014 Oregon Offshore, recent position update for WyEast puts her approaching Race Rocks at 6.5 knots of boat speed... winds reported to be holding WSW at 17 knots at the Race Rocks turn.

Turnagain & Riva have finished, but their tracker is still showing on the course.

Panama Red and Ocelot have also finished, but sail trackers are still registering. Waiting for an update on Souffle, bringing up the rear of the fleet.

Peregrine hasn't updated in some time, not since 10:48 am. Not sure what Avalon's status is, either.

Siren finishes

Siren crossed the finish line at 10:46:30. I think I heard her song as she crossed.

PHRF D Class: War in the Strait!

Right now, PHRF D Class is neck and neck, pushing towards Race Rocks.
WyEast is leading the pack currently, heading NE at 4-5 knots.

Aja, Shamrock, Katzenjammer and Sol Pacifico are all too close in position to make any predictions, all moving ENE at around 4-5 knots, with the exception of the most southerly boat Aja, showing boat speeds around 6 & 1/2 knots.

Kaos, the last remaining Santa Cruz 27 on the course, is also in the mix... doing 6.2 knots of boat speed.

Cantata, the Ericson 38, has retired. Reporting a broken rudder, they turned southeasterly and limped safely to Gray's Harbor last night, returning about 5 am this morning.

It's sure to have been a bumpy ride... glad all crew are safe in port.

Velocity crosses the finish

Velocity and her crew crossed the finish line at 10:21:42.

Who's Next? Race Rocks Update

Peregrine, the Catalina 38 sailed by Steve Smolinske and crew out of Seattle YC, are approaching Race Rocks at boat speeds nearing 6 knots.
Peregrine is sailing in PHRF Class C.
Avalon, another PHRF Class C boat, hasn't updated its tracker since 4:42 am; again, this race is closer than it may look.

Turnagain, Passpartout and Ion finish

Turnagain 9:31:21, Passpartout 9:37:32 and Ion 9:53:45 have crossed the finish line.

Heading For The Barn: Next Boats To Finish Are Siren & Velocity

Velocity's tracker is now updated; they are ahead of Siren approaching the finish line doing 6.9 knots of boat speed.

Siren is now past Race Rocks, sailing northeasterly to the finish at 6.4 knots of boat speed with WSW winds @ 19 knots.

Wave Dancer Coming On Strong

Wave Dancer (PHRF Class B) has been following a pack of boats most of the race; now, Wave Dancer is moving up from behind doing 7.3 knots of boat speed at 9:30 am, and pushing ever closer to the pack, which is now averaging boat speeds in the 1-5 knot range...we'll see if Wave Dancer's luck can last...

Wyeast is back on the tracker!

Wyeast, the Cascade 36 out of Portland sailed by Frank Colistro and crew had been not reporting on the tracker until recently; happy to report they appear to be just south of Sheringham Point in the middle of the Strait heading NE at 4 knots, just ahead of the pack that includes Kaos, Avalon, Aja, Sol Pacifico, Shamrock, Katzenjammer & Wave Dancer.

Another venerable design, the Cascade 36...

Finish Line Update: Turnagain & Passepartout Crossing the Line with ION close behind

Finish time is imminent for Passepartout & Turnagain...with ION close behind.

Race Tracker Updates: This Race May Be Closer Than It Looks!

Please be advised, several boats currently have delayed position reports on their trackers:
Velocity last updated at 8:11 am;
Turnagain last updated at 5:49 am;
Peregrine last updated at 8:48 am.

For most accurate information available, always check the time the boat's position was updated when using Race Tracker...


Tabu finished the race at 9:08:31.