Thursday, May 8, 2014

12 Hours & Counting

It's been 12 hours now since I blew the start horn for this year's race.

I'm home now, showered, warm and comfortable.

As I think about this race, and update the posts, I can't help but admire all of the competitors in this year's grueling Oregon Offshore race.

The conditions have been fast, but also cold, windy and wet - for 12 solid hours - some haven't slept, or are coming back on watch, getting into cold soggy foulies to go out on deck for another 3 or 4 hours.

My point is, while we track the leaders of the race, all of the competitors are winners just for having the courage and tenacity to show up at the starting line for this years Oregon Offshore.

For those that have done this race and are home this year, you can imagine what those boats and crews are going through right now; for those who haven't done the race, well, it can be challenging on many levels.

As the sun sets this night, keep these sailors in your thoughts, and let's all celebrate the victories of all of these competitors, regardless of when they cross the finish line.


Anonymous said...

well here!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your perspective, and we all have all of these intrepid boats in our thoughts and prayers!!

Anonymous said...

What's the word on Contata?

Flamingo Chris said...

Cantata appears to continue heading in a Southeasterly direction, no additional information is available from this end, the finish boat may have more information, they've just posted that they are now on station.

Els said...

Watching the conditions this round, hour by hour, I am profoundly glad everyone is home (or very close), safe and sound. For those of us who had loved ones out there, the certain knowledge of what they endured in this race was of concern, and your comments are spot on.