Thursday, May 8, 2014

At the Turn - Room at the Mark!

Looks like ICON is first boat to the turn with Neptune's Car hot on their heels, wind is still blowing Easterly at Neah Bay, but at 16 knots, here is their position as of 1700 hours:

ICON's position as of 1700 hours, May 8th:

48° 21.68' N 124° 47.41' W

Neptune's Car Position as of 1700 hours:

48° 19.87' N 124° 46.56' W

Latest tracker shows boat speed on Neptune's Car at 11.7 knots, with ICON at 11.1 knots... hope they don't have a rear view mirror on board ICON!

PHRF Class A boats may also make the turn before Sunset, tightly grouped at 5 PM just behind Ocelot are Riva, Anam Cara, Free Bowl of Soup, Time Bandit and Kinetic, all registering speeds of approximately 8 knots.

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