Friday, May 9, 2014

FINISH LINE 7:30 AM UPDATE: Kinetic & Blade Runner & California Girl Streaking Towards the Finish

Finish times are imminent for these three boats; Blade Runner will be the first confirmed SC 27 to finish.

Blade Runner is doing 7.2 knots, Kinetic is finishing the race reaching speeds in excess of 8 knots.

It appears that all boats in the fleet have now entered the Strait and are proceeding towards the finish line with a robust westerly breeze.

Cantata has retired with a broken rudder and has reached Gray's harbor safely, Cool Change did not start the race. All other boats have finished or are proceeding towards finish now.

Can't wait to hear the stories of the 2014 Oregon Offshore from those who were on board for this year's race...

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Ali said...

Any idea on how Kokopelli is doing in the SC 27 fleet? The Race Tracker shows them in last place. Their beacon seems to have died (or my computer has)? The last update for them was Thursday at 3 p.m. Any word???