Monday, May 12, 2014

Icon's Record Setting Passage On Video

I can't say enough about Icon's record setting performance in this year's CYC 38th Annual Oregon Offshore sailing race, so I'll let their onboard video tell the story.

You GOTTA check this out!

Ha ha, that's less than 5 minutes of the race. Check out the Deception Island jacuzzi at 4:09. That smile on the grinder's face says it all! Think THEY'RE having fun?!?

I wish I could see the boat speed reading at 5:01 in the video; they're smokin'!

Quality operation, Icon. Click here for their website. 

Click here for a great write-up from on Icon's voyage.

Thanks again to GoPro for being a gold sponsor of this year's race and for continuing to develop the onboard video technology that provides all of this cool footage!

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