Friday, May 9, 2014

Katzenjammer Making Their Move?

As previously posted, Katzenjammer has been sailing the most northerly course in D fleet down the strait; that strategy may now be paying off.

Approaching Sooke Harbour, Katzenjammer is registering boat speeds at 5.2 knots, while Aja and Shamrock are in a virtual dead heat and are just south of Katzenjammer, making easterly progress all at under 4.5 knots of boat speed. Sol Pacifico is hot on their heels...

Whoever gets to Race Rocks first is anyone's guess at this point, then there's plenty of course left to the finish.

The SC 27 has moved out in the lead of the pack, with Wave Dancer not far behind the boats in D fleet.

Winds are registering only 11 knots per Sailflow from the W at Sheringham Point at 1 pm, but 25 from the WSW at Race Rocks at 1 pm. It's going to get interesting this afternoon...

1 comment:

Chris Sheesley said...

Katzenjammer will dominate it! Go Katz Go.

Three cheers for all the boats afloat.