Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Video From 2nd Place PHRF Overall Winner Free Bowl of Soup

This is another great onboard clip from this year's 38th Annual CYC Oregon Offshore sailing race, courtesy of the J/105 Free Bowl of Soup, PHRF Class B Winner and 2nd Overall in PHRF Class this year.
I love how these guys give us a variety of camera angles in this clip, including an underwater view at 1:43 minutes in.

Thanks guys!  It's a little like watching sailing sausage being made, it may not always be pretty but the end results are great! Documented boat speeds on this video exceed 13+ knots at times... The top speed reported by Soup through the water was 16.5; speed over ground 17.4. Nothing like a hot Soup on a cold day!

Here's a quote from Co-captain Doug Schenk about the race: "Good times; well, actually epic times."

Free Bowl of Soup 2014 Oregon Offshore from Shortcake Photography on Vimeo.


Eric Hopper said...

Fwiw, we were going Soup fast, really Soup fast, but not 18kts. Top speed through the water was 16.5, SOG 17.4.

Doug Schenk said...

I like it being rounded up to 18... Co-owner along with Matt Davis, but Eric was the designated skipper!

Flamingo Chris said...

Thought I saw 18.1 for a flash on the speedo at 2:47 but it looks like windspeed is on the left of the cabintop instrument cluster, with speedo on the right..... 18.1 apparent wind speed, 22 true wind speed, boat speed 13+....correct? Sorry for embellishing....