Friday, May 9, 2014

PHRF D Class: War in the Strait!

Right now, PHRF D Class is neck and neck, pushing towards Race Rocks.
WyEast is leading the pack currently, heading NE at 4-5 knots.

Aja, Shamrock, Katzenjammer and Sol Pacifico are all too close in position to make any predictions, all moving ENE at around 4-5 knots, with the exception of the most southerly boat Aja, showing boat speeds around 6 & 1/2 knots.

Kaos, the last remaining Santa Cruz 27 on the course, is also in the mix... doing 6.2 knots of boat speed.

Cantata, the Ericson 38, has retired. Reporting a broken rudder, they turned southeasterly and limped safely to Gray's Harbor last night, returning about 5 am this morning.

It's sure to have been a bumpy ride... glad all crew are safe in port.


Ray Ray said...

GO WYEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GO GO!!
Congrats to all!!!

Diane Nussbaumer said...

go AJA go......

Whistler said...

Go WyEast!!!! Bring it home!

Magic Man said...

Looks like WYEAST passed race rocks at 12:45. Nothing in the rear view mirror.