Friday, May 9, 2014

Race Tracker Updates

Kokopelli last updated their race tracker yesterday at 15:26, we're assuming they are actually somewhere nearer to the mouth of the Strait based on the position of the other SC 27's; hopefully they are making or have made the turn for Victoria;

Wyeast updated most recently last night at 10:42 pm so they are also most likely farther north then their position reports;

Ocelot is showing somewhere off of Destruction Island, but they have finished (in record time!);

Passepartout last updated at 9:26 pm, again, we assume they too are farther north than their reported position;

Souffle updated just before 4 am, so they still may be just outside of the Cape;

Panama Red updated last at 11:03 last night; again, we think they have are farther in the Strait than their position reports...

All other trackers seem to be functioning properly at this time.

Cantata's race tracker shows them in Gray's Harbor at 5 am this morning, having progressed south and easterly most of the night; we hope all is well with vessel and crew of Cantata.

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Ray Ray said...

Wyeast Spot tracker is reporting them much closer than the race tracker. According to Spot they are about to turn!! Congrats to all the boats that have finished and WOW for Ocelot!! Amazing race..........