Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sailing Anarchist Gives Props to Blade Runner, Deservedly

There are so many great stories from this year's Oregon Offshore that it's hard to settle on what was actually the best part of the race. Sailing Anarchy is a great, no bull, sailing website for sailors worldwide - particularly racers -  and always tells it like it is.

They just posted a great article about Oregon Offshore, deservedly featuring Ward Naviaux's Santa Cruz 27 & Overall PHRF Corrected time winner in this year's 38th Annual CYC Oregon Offshore race.

Those guys in SoCal have a lot of racing to cover in their own backyard and around the globe, so it's a real honor to get the Sailing Anarchists to dedicate their time to a race this far North; Here's the write-up, courtesy of famed offshore & one-design sailor, Scott Tempesta:

Great job again Blade Runner; you deserve all the ink you can get for this victory! Maybe we'll draw some SoCal boats up to the NW for next year's race... And with the new IRC Class established in this year's race, it's a strong possibility.

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