Friday, May 9, 2014

SC 27 Kokopelli Update (now aka Shadow Dancer!)

Kokopelli's tracker had not been reporting their position since yesterday afternoon, turns out they were shadowing Blade Runner, the other SC 27, all the way.

According to finish line reports, Koko finished the race in just a little more than 24 hours... edged out by Blade Runner, who finished just before 8 am this morning.

The other SC 27, Kaos, is still on the course proceeding towards the finish in a pack of boats east of Neah Bay that includes Avalon, Shamrock, Sol Pacifico and Aja.

Katzenjammer is taking a northerly route in the Strait, and Wave Dancer is close behind the pack.
Winds at Neah Bay currently reporting WSW at 16 knots gusting to 20.


Chris Sheesley said...

No boat Jams like Katzenjammer!

Ali said...

Thanks so much for the update Chris!