Friday, May 9, 2014

Shamrock is in the Strait! So is Aja, Katzenjammer and Kaos

What a difference a few hours makes... after a few bunk hours, here are some updates.

Gary Bruner and the crew of Shamrock have made the turn into the Strait, and are just off of Neah Bay now.

Neptune's Car, ICON and Ocelot have all finished the race now in record time, congrats to the IRC fleet.

Anam Cara appears to have finished or is finishing now, Riva, Time Bandit  Cara and Free Bowl of Soup appear to have possibly dropped back during the night but all are in the vicinity of Race Rocks nearing the finish. Time Bandit is recording speeds in excess of 8 knots this morning at dawn.

Just passing Sooke Harbour is California Girl, Kinetic & Blade Runner, all three are nearing the Race Rocks passage and the final northward turn to the finish.

Tabu, Ion, Siren, Avalon and Velocity are all in the Straits now, as are Pregrine, Sol Pacifico, Shamrock, Kaos & Katzenjammer.

Panama Red hasn't reported since 9 pm last night, got to think they too are nearing the finish.

Still approaching the cape are Wave Dancer, Turn Again, Aja and Passepartout.

Kokopelli, Wyeast and Ocelot are not reporting updates (Ocelot is finished).

Cantata retired and took refuge in Gray's Harbor last night, we hope everyone on board and the boat are safe and sound.

Keep checking for updates as the fleet approached the finish line of the fastest Oregon offshore ever!

Can't wait to hear the stories from this amazing, yet challenging race...

Winds appear to be holding from the west at 18-20 knots all the way to the finish.

Don't forget, you can catch some of the finish action on the Race Rocks live video feed linked from this site.

Good luck to all of the remaining competitors and congratulations to those who have already finished in record time, you're ALL winners in this year's race!

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