Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This Just In: Onboard Video From the Cal 40 California Girl

Here's a 10 minute video onboard Timm & Victoria Lessley's Cal 40 California Girl, PHRF Class C Winner, racing in the 2014 Oregon Offshore.

Some great driving is exhibited in this video, watch the bow follow the wave pattern like a symphony in motion. She rides nicely in the short, deep wave troughs.

Notice everyone onboard is harnessed up? Safety first!

Great well deserved celebration upon arrival! This video documents boat speed in excess of 14 knots, that's rollin' up the track pretty good for this ol' girl...


Mark Lesage said...

Thanks nice video. Looks like the coast was the usual balmy weather. Like the German colors on the spinnaker. looked fun surfing.

Flamingo Chris said...

I failed to mention, they are doing 14+ knots on a 40 foot boat AND steering with a tiller, right on! Gives new meaning to the term "get a grip on it"!