Monday, May 12, 2014

This Just In: You Want Soup?!? You Can Have Soup!

Here's another GREAT video from Oregon Offshore!

Thanks to the crew aboard the 2nd OVERALL ON CORRECTED TIME PHRF FINISHER Free Bowl of Soup.

These videos show just how "chunky" the seas were as the fleet pushed North on a southerly breeze.

Reportedly, there is more video footage to follow from the guys on the J/105 Free Bowl of Soup.
Owners Doug Schenk, Eric Hopper & Matt Davis and crew from Portland deserve huge kudos for winning PHRF B fleet by more than 4 & 1/2  hours over the next competitor in their class, and ALMOST breaking the course record as well. Great job guys, way to represent the local J fleet!

Great creativity on the camera angles, btw.

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