Thursday, May 8, 2014

Updated Boat Speeds and Headings for the Fleet

ShowYacht NameSail No.RaceDiv.Hdg.Spd.TrackSelect
Neptune's Car60667IRCN10.7
Blade Runner18727Santa Cruz 27NNW8.4
Kaos8341Santa Cruz 27NNW6.4
Kokopelli57138Santa Cruz 27N8.1
Anam Cara79093PHRF ANNW8.3
Kinetic74373PHRF ANNW8.2
Panama Red83184PHRF ANNW8.6
Riva46960PHRF ANNW8.2
Tabu79167PHRF ANNW7.4
Time Bandit50PHRF ANNW8.2
Free Bowl of Soup519PHRF BNNW9.7
Ion74424PHRF BNNW8
Siren134PHRF BNNW7.4
Turnagain74454PHRF BNNW8.2
Velocity28642PHRF BNNW7.5
Wave Dancer36047PHRF BNNW6.8
Avalon74448PHRF CNNW7.3
California Girl6853PHRF CN6.8
Cool Change23723PHRF CSSE0
Passepartout47724PHRF CNNW7.6
Peregrine46726PHRF CNW6.5
Aja79106PHRF DNNW6.9
Cantata77563PHRF DNNW6.6
Katzenjammer59553PHRF DNNW6.3
Shamrock37PHRF DNNW6.2
Sol Pacifico79141PHRF DNNW7
WyEast141PHRF DNNW6.8


Anonymous said...

what's the order in corrected time?

Flamingo Chris said...

Unfortunately, that information is not currently available...tracker position times vary considerably......some positions are more accurate than others...