Friday, May 9, 2014

War In the Strait Update

PHRF Class D boats continue to battle a tight race as they pass Sheringham Point.

The pace has slowed, as winds have abated to around 11 knots at Sheringham, still from the W.
Shamrock appears to still hold a tight lead on the D fleet pack, with the SC 27 Kaos at her side.

Katzenjammer, Aja and Sol Pacifico are virtually at the same longitude, with Katzenjammer being the most northerly boat.

Katzenjammer has sailed the most northerly track in the fleet, we'll see how that strategy pays off as they approach the turn at Race Rocks.

Tide changed from flood to ebb around Noon, boats will be bucking an ebb tide until around 5:30 pm slowing the pace slightly, but with the wind holding, a minor tidal flow change of <1 foot should prove relatively negligible.

We'll see...

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Flamingo Chris said...

The SC 27 Kaos is pulling ahead of the D fleet pack now at 6.9 knots of boat speed.