Friday, May 9, 2014

Wyeast is back on the tracker!

Wyeast, the Cascade 36 out of Portland sailed by Frank Colistro and crew had been not reporting on the tracker until recently; happy to report they appear to be just south of Sheringham Point in the middle of the Strait heading NE at 4 knots, just ahead of the pack that includes Kaos, Avalon, Aja, Sol Pacifico, Shamrock, Katzenjammer & Wave Dancer.

Another venerable design, the Cascade 36...

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Gary B. said...

If you look at the tracker, it looks a lot like Frank had a big Chinook chopper come out, pick up WyEast from the ocean, fly it over the peninsula and drop her in front of the rest of us. I wonder…..:) Wouldn't put it past him! :)