Monday, September 29, 2014

Safety At Sea Required in 2015!

Hello Oregon Offshore Racers!

It's a few months until next year's race, but with some of the new safety requirements, you'd better get started early. In 2015, we will require at least 2 people or at least 30% of all people on each boat (whichever is greater) to have been certified by a US Sailing sanctioned Safety at Sea event.

It gets worse... The only seminars scheduled on the West Coast before next May are in October 2014 in San Francisco. You'd better get planning if you want to get this taken care of without flying to Maryland next spring.

The Washington coast can be rather inhospitable. We hope folks are able to plan to attend this course early enough that this won't reduce their desire or ability to race, and we are certain this will increase safety and preparedness among those who do.

For a list of seminars available between now and the race, click here.