Friday, April 17, 2015

Three more entries this week makes 11 so far

The numbers are still a bit light, but we've received promises from about another five boats that they'll race. Hopefully some more stragglers will show as well.

However, we recently received three more entries:

Thirsty, skippered by Portland's own Alan Bergen. Thirsty is a C&C 35 Mk III, and she rates 132.


Anam Cara, another Portland boat, is skippered by Tom Kelly. This J-122 rates a whopping 42!

Anam Cara

And Astoria's favorite Aja. She is an Ericson 35-2, rating 150, and her skipper is Rich Elstrom.


Welcome! Get your entries in the mail or bring them to us at Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub on Monday night!

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