Thursday, May 7, 2015

And they're off! (Updated)

Report from the start line is all boats have started.  We have one boat, Aja, which is failing to appear on the tracker website.  We are trying to resolve this issue.

Update 1: Aja is now tracking.  She had been appearing as Cantata - their tracker registration numbers were swapped on the charting software. Unfortunately for Cantata, this means her tracker is not transmitting.

Update 2: Word from Tracker HQ is Cantata's tracker transmission has not been received since it was tested yesterday.  Cantata, if you're reading this, check your tracker!

Update 3: It looks like Cantata's transmitter is now on.  The whole fleet is now visible on the race tracker.  Thanks for your patience while we sorted out a couple technical glitches.


Diane Nussbaumer said...

Thank you for the update. Those of us following AJA were wondering. Hope they can fix it. They went off radar about 15 minutes prior to the start of the race.

~RayRay said...

Wyeast tracker is now working! Thanks race committee for your prompt response time in fixing this and thanks for all your hard work!!


Diane Nussbaumer said...

Still can't see AJA. I communicated with the captain and they were re booting the GPS. Any chance it's on your end??

Whistler said...

Looking great WyEast!!

Diane Nussbaumer said...

Go AJA.... happy trails & great sailing