Sunday, May 3, 2015

Oregon Offshore Celebrates Our Gold Sponsors - James F. O'Rourke Law

As we polish the final details for this year's race, we want to bring your attention to another of the Oregon Offshore's biggest sponsors. Attorney Jim O'Rourke will be racing on Wy'East this year, and took an interest in helping CYC make the 2015 Oregon Offshore another successful race.

Jim has practiced as a criminal defense attorney and personal injury and wrongful death lawyer in Oregon for over 30 years, representing people in DUII, DUI, drug crime, property, measure 11 and other crimes and automobile injury accident and death cases. He works with an extensive network of Oregon professionals from various disciplines to provide effective legal representation for his many clients. Jim is also very experienced in defending Oregon health care professionals in criminal cases and board proceedings.

This is a good guy to know! If you see Jim, be sure to say "Hi" and "Thank You" for his support of the Oregon Offshore!

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~RayRay said...

Go Wyeast!! Thanks Jim for all you do!! Proud to work the bow with you..........looking forward to Swiftsure!! ~RayRAy