Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 CYC Oregon Offshore International Yacht Race 12 Hour Position Updates

Well, they've been at it for just over 12 hours now. The day has been hampered by light winds on the nose, making forward progress slow and tedious.

At 7 pm, approximate positions (boat for boat) are as follows - based on northernmost position:

1) Kinetic V
2) Time Bandit
3) Rage (tied)
4) Panama Red (tied)
5) Anam Cara
6) Night Runner
7) Rain Drop
8) Blade Runner
9) Free Bowl of Soup
10) Hana Mari
11) Bum's Rush
12) Canard
13) Turnagain
14) Wy'East
15) Passepartout
16) Thirsty
17) Cool Change
18) Yahtzee
19) Makai
20) Aja
21) Cantata
22) Souffle
23) Lady Eileen
24) Blue Martini

It looks like Kinetic V has got a safe lead over Rage right now in Fleet A1.
Time Bandit appears to be safely leading in Fleet A2.
Rain Drop is leading in Fleet B.
Wy'East is leading C Fleet North.
Souffle is cooking in the Cruising Fleet.

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